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July 17, 2019 8 min read

by Sarah Makhluf

Sarah is a freelance content writer from Boston, MA. She loves traveling, fashion, and the beach.

Made to measure leather jackets are starting to gain some serious traction in the fashion world, especially for men looking to find that perfect fit. A great leather jacket is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a way to express yourself, show off your personality, look polished, and feel great. With leather jacket companies failing to cater to all sizes, more people are choosing to have their jacket custom made. Going custom means a perfect fit every time, a jacket that will look and feel great, and one that will be with you for years to come. Think of made to measure clothing an investment; it's more than an addition to your wardrobe, it's a piece of clothing that will last with you for years and generations to come. Expect to see the trend of custom made apparel take off in the next couple of years, while it's already high on people's radar, made to measure clothing is becoming more common than you may think.

What exactly is made to measure?

Made to measure clothing is being dubbed as the future of fashion, and for a good reason. Made to measure clothing offers consumers a custom made article of clothing, and the most common pieces today are suits and jackets; however, shoes and accessories are not far behind. This trend is expected to continue to rise, with more customers demanding clothing that fits perfectly.

Custom made clothes are cut and sewn using a standard pattern, to make sure all of the pieces are uniform; though, the seamstress uses the client's exact measurements to guarantee a perfect fit, every time.

Why invest in a made to measure leather jacket?

A made to measure leather jacket will be a piece of clothing like nothing else in your closet. You won't find a jacket in a standard store that is made only for your body. So, what is the difference between going retail and having your leather jacket made to measure? It comes down to three things: fit, style, and how it makes you feel.

The fit will be just right. A tailor will hand make the made to measure leather jacket with your specific measurements at hand. The jacket is guaranteed to fit just right and compliment your body type and shape. While you can buy a leather jacket off the rack, a store-bought leather jacket will never fit you as well as something that is specially made for your body.

Invest in a leather jacket

Show off your personal style easier with a made to measure leather jacket. Choose the color, hardware, and style of the jacket you want to be custom made. Most made to measure companies have a decent range of color options and the type of leather jacket, such as moto, racer, and bomber.

A made to measure leather jacket will give anyone a confidence boost, it's a known fact that we feel satisfied with our clothing it radiates in our personalities and can even be an attitude booster. Show up to the office, a party, or a date with the additional confidence a perfect leather jacket brings.

Pros and cons of made to measure leather jackets

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to purchasing a custom made leather jacket. This is a personal decision and should be seen as an investment, while your jacket may fit like a glove there are a few things to take into consideration before you make your purchase. This is a piece of clothing you will most likely have for years to come, so it's understandable to weight out the pros and cons before spending your hard earned money.


  • A made to measure leather jacket is guaranteed to fit like a glove.
  • Most companies allow their customers to have control over the lining color and hardware colors, making the jacket even more personal.
  • There are usually options to sew patchwork or embroidery into your custom jacket; this can show further self-expression in a very subtle way.
  • High-quality materials will be used for your jacket, meaning your item will last even longer than usual.
  • Eliminates time wasted shopping in retail stores.
  • Most made to measure leather jackets take a few weeks to be crafted.
  • Custom jackets can be pricier than your average store-bought leather jacket.
  • Sometimes color options are limited, depending on which brand you chose to make your custom leather jacket.
Leather jacket pros and cons

Buying your custom made leather jacket

It's time to shop for your next favorite article of clothing. Keep reading to find out the best places to shop and what to look out for when purchasing a made to measure garment. When it comes to choosing a brand or a store, make sure you find a company who uses top quality materials, has excellent customer service and want to work with you in picking the perfect jacket. The brand you choose to work with should make you their number one priority and be there to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Top 3 custom made leather jacket companies in America:

  • Independence Brothers
  • The Jacket Maker
  • Jacketism

What to look out for when choosing and designing a made to measure leather jacket

Type of leather -The leather you decided on should be soft, supple, high quality, and able to stand the test of time. The three most common types of leather are full grain, top grain, and Genuine.

Full-grain - The best and most expensive type of leather money can buy. Full grain leather means the top layer hasn't been sanded down and no visible imperfections were found on the hide.

Top grain - This one is the most common and is considered to be the second best. Still very high quality, top grain means the top layer has been altered in some way, like buffing or sanding down any marks or nicks in the hide.

Genuine -Note, this has nothing to do with the quality, genuine just means that it is indeed made from animal leather. In fact, genuine is considered to be on the bottom of the quality barrel when compared to the other two.


Hardware - The zipper should be of high quality, for reference, YKK zippers are the best money can buy and the stitching around the grommets and eyelets should be pristine.

Lining - Make sure you check what material the brand you decide to go with is using. The best are made from silk, rayon, and viscose. Remember, the lining is what you feel on your skin so make sure it's soft and comfortable.


Color - The beauty of going custom means more color choices. While the most common colors are black and brown, today men can have a red, blue, purple, or even green custom made leather jacket. If the color is on the top of your priority list, be sure to find a company who specializes in colored leather. They will know exactly how to dye the leather to make sure it won't bleed or look uneven.

What to looks for in a leather jacket

Type of animal hide - Along with choosing your color, style, leather grain, and hardware you also have to choose which kind of animal leather you wish to have your jacket made from. The three most common types of animal hide: lambskin, sheepskin, and cowhide.


Lambkin - This is the softest type of leather you will find and is also the most expensive. Lambskin is super stretchy and feels as smooth as butter. Perfect for those looking for a lightweight leather jacket for fall/spring.

Sheepskin - Sheepskin is also super soft like lambskin but a little bit more durable. It has a slightly tougher exterior and is heavier than lamb. Many classic bomber jackets were made from sheepskin because of its durability and strength. Sheepskin is usually more expensive than cowhide and does have a bit of a softer feel to it.

Cowhide - Cowhide is the most commonly used material to make leather jackets, it's durable, soft, and the most cost-effective option. Cowhide can be used to make any style of leather jacket and is less susceptible to wear and tear.

How to style a bold colored jacket

This falls under the bright reds, deep burgundy, dark or light blues, and even colors like green or white. The best way to style a bold jacket is to pair it with more neutral accessories. Brown shoes and a brown belt will go well with green and blue, while black will pair best with deep red. The best thing about fashion is that there are no limitations to self-expression. Use your clothes not only to make you look great but use them as a way to stand out from the crowd, be a conversation starter or just something that makes you feel great. It's easy to put your best foot forward while rocking a great colored leather jacket.


Most common leather jacket styles:

The Bomber: The classic bomber jacket is best for colder months; usually these jackets are made with a heavier cowhide and often are lined with shearling. Style your bomber jacket with a great pair of leather boots for the winter, and add a scarf for extra warmth and style.

The Motorcycle: The moto jacket is what usually comes to mind when people think about leather jackets. The 'cool guys' of the past, like Marlon Brando, made this style iconic. Today, it's just as popular as ever before. To give this classic look a modern twist, try pairing it with a pair of ripped jeans or a button-down shirt underneath, as opposed to the traditional white t-shirt. The motorcycle jacket can be worn year round depending on what part of the country you live in.

The Racer: The racer jacket has been around for decades now, initially made for, you guessed it, motorcycle racers the coat today is a staple in many men's wardrobes around the world. The light material on the racer jacket makes it the perfect spring/summer jacket. It's easy to throw on over any outfit to give your look a more edgy feel.

Leather jacket affects your personality

How does a jacket affect your personality?

Whether you like the more classic colors, or you prefer to go bolder, a perfectly fitted jacket can have a positive effect on your mood and personality. Think about it, have you ever looked in the mirror before heading out for the night and thought, I look great? A leather jacket that fits like a glove will give you this satisfying feeling every time you put it on. Use your leather jacket to ensure you always look polished and put together, without having to put in any extra effort. Add a great pair of shoes and a matching belt to your wardrobe, and getting dressed will be a breeze. It's human nature, and when we look good, we feel good.

Pro tips:

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Thanks so much for reading, we hope this gave you a bit of insight on made to measure leather jackets and custom clothing in general. As someone who is passionate about fashion and self-expression, writing this article was extra meaningful to me. Finding your own style and showcasing your personality through clothing is something that we should all strive to do. Made to measure clothing makes doing so even more accessible. A common misconception about custom clothing is that they are not affordable, but that doesn't have to be the case at all. A lot of companies today are offering consumers made to measure leather jackets at fair prices, and sometimes even more budget-friendly than shopping in your local retail store. If you enjoyed this read, please pass it along to family and friends, and leave us a comment below. We love hearing from you.

By Sarah Makhluf

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