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September 26, 2022 4 min read

by April Quibido

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Can you sew leather? This question is mind-boggling, especially if you are fond of leather items like leather jackets and cowhide coats. Quality leather coats are a winsome choice at any time of the year. You will never go wrong sporting leather jackets, whether for style or protection while enjoying your bike ride.

Well, what if you want to pair these high-quality cowhide jackets with handmade leather fashion accents or with a personally sewn leather vest? Can you sew leather items?

Sewing Leather Jackets

While it is true that sewing leather is a challenging task to complete, it does not necessarily follow that it is impossible to accomplish. You may just need to look at some details in attaching it with another material or of its kind. You need to carefully enforce them in creating an appreciable sewn leather item crafted by nonetheless yourself.

Features to consider in creating your leather masterpiece

  • Handmade or machine sewn

Handsewn or machine sewn, the choice of utilizing a sewing machine or intricately attaching the parts of your masterpiece with your bare hands depends on your preference.

Using a sewing machine is more convenient and faster while doing it with your hands makes it handcrafted, which imposes a special touch and details to your masterpiece.


  • Kind of leather

When starting to try your skill in sewing leather, soft, thin, light, and supple leather skins are the best ones to work on. It brings convenience and exceptional quality to your product. If you are a beginner, it is helpful to start using cowhide, specifically calfskin, and so is lambskin, which is high quality and widely available.

You can purchase personally or from online stores; just ensure that you have the right type, color, and quality from your supplier.


  • Use Teflon or roller presser foot

You may use a roller presser foot or a Teflon presser foot rather than an ordinary one to allow the leather to slide more freely while fed through the sewing machine.


  • Use Leather needles and not regular hands.

There are specialized needles that you can use when sewing leather. These are sturdier and have triangular needle points that allow them to pass through thick surfaces better. It is also available in different sizes to fit your project. Have a couple of extras when completing your project.


  • Polyester nylon thread is best than cotton threads

A 100 percent polyester or nylon thread is the best choice when sewing leather. Aside from the great look it brings to leathers, the chemicals utilized in tanning the leather or tannins will eventually cause a cotton thread to wear out in time.


  • Use tapes instead of pins

Using tapes instead of pins is the best option when trying to pre-attached leather seams. This practice prevents the creation of permanent holes that may destroy your work's design and quality.


  • Longer stitch lengths than ordinary stitches

Stitches that are longer than a standard sewing stitch but shorter than a regular basting stitch are the best to use; this may be an average of 3.5 mm.

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Points to cover in completing your work

Here are additional tips to ensure the quality of your personally sewn leather project.


  • Plan your steps for sewing your masterpiece.

Careful planning in stitches and seams is inevitable in creating an exceptional leather masterpiece. The design and layers of leather to be attached should be carefully planned, especially if using home sewing machines. They may not accommodate bulky seams and thick layering leather surfaces.

You should also note the markings and cuts through the leather grains and hide designs to ensure quality and superb aesthetics.


  • Try first with leather scraps.

Another valuable practice in sewing leather is trying it on scraps rather than directly implementing it on the actual leather surface since these are expensive materials and would be disadvantageous to redo the sewing.


  • Enjoy working

Nothing is more compelling than executing your work with enjoyment and eagerness. Enjoying the process of completing your high-quality leather project will surely be an essential factor that will add to its value and significance.

Can you sew leather


Customized leather jackets are great, and you can also explore sewing additional accessories or vests to go with them. You can opt to have it sewn with your hands or a sewing machine. Completing the project with suitable materials such as leather needles, polyester thread, the right hide type, and tapes is advantageous in producing a compelling masterpiece.

Brief planning and a few try out on some leather scraps can help you create a fantastic product.

Start your leather creation and see how those personal projects will expand and complement your existing collections.

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