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September 24, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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A leather biker vest is one of the most sought-after gears for riders because it offers protection against the weather and provides comfort on and off the track.

Even if you aren't a motorcycle rider, you can still rock one of these. So, keep reading to find out how to wear a leather biker vest and style it like a badass!

Choosing The Ideal Biker Vest

The leather biker vests we know today are believed to have originated during World War II. Later on, it became fairly trendy, and both men and women began to wear those vests.

Despite its popularity, not everyone knows how to choose and wear the perfect motorcycle vest. Consider the following points while selecting and styling a biker vest.


Leather biker vests can be made using a variety of animal hides although cowhide and buffalo leather are the most typically used in biker vests.

If you want that vintage genuine leather look, softness, and flexibility, go with cowhide. However, if you're looking for a vest with a sturdy texture that doesn't break easily and a rougher and rustic style, buffalo leather is the way to go.

However, if you want a cozy, lightweight vest with the durability of solid leather, suede is the way to go. It is a kind of leather that is produced from the underside of an animal hide, giving it a gentle feel.


To achieve the ideal fit, take your measurements over your riding gear. Many people prefer a tighter fit with the laces knotted tightly, but others want the laces open.

There is no right or wrong answer here. The idea is to have a vest that is sufficiently long to protect your back but short enough that the shoulders don't bump up when you sit.

More importantly, while ordering a biker vest, remember to provide your stomach measurement. This is to accommodate what we call "beer belly," which happens to even the best of us.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

We believe Independence Brothers to be the best choice on the market today. We've evaluated that the high quality of materials, superb customer service, innovative custom fit, and customization options are unmatched, especially when you take into consideration the very affordable price they offer.

If you're a savvy customer who cares about more than just a popular brand name, you can't go wrong by trusting this up and coming startup that is revolutionizing the leather jacket scene.

You can check out their jacket lineup here.


A high-neck vest is recommended if you prefer to be adequately protected and warm when riding. This style protects your entire body and gives a comfortable fit without confining your hands.

On the other hand, a V-Neck vest is great for hotter days of motorcycling. It is airier and might provide a cooler sensation, especially while you are moving.

Where Can I Find A Leather Biker Vest?

Now that you know how to buy and wear a leather biker vest, it's time to go out and find one. There are numerous clothing stores, both online and offline, that sell high-quality leather vests.

Because a biker vest might be costly, don't be afraid to ask the store staff or owner any questions. A respectable leather store will gladly answer all of your questions and assist you in finding the perfect vest.

If you're stuck for ideas, I recommend stopping by Independence Brothers. These guys have a wide range of motorcycle vest options, and you may even request a custom fit if needed.

A leather biker vest

The Takeaways

Getting and wearing a leather biker vest is comparable to other kinds of apparel. You must ensure that whatever you choose provides you with the best level of comfort and kind of style you’re looking for.

If you're still considering wearing a leather vest, we hope this article has been helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any additional suggestions, ideas, or wish to share your experience with biker vests.

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