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April 10, 2022 8 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Leather jackets have made their imprint on pop culture. Plenty of iconic looks throughout tv and film have been sealed with a leather jacket. Movies like Grease, Top Gun, and Indiana Jones made our love of leather jackets grow deeper. Women imprinted a leather jacket love as well. Characters from shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Once Upon a Time, and The Defenders had the ladies rocking fantastic leather jacket looks.

It is always great when a movie or a show’s look involves our favorite leather jackets. Even better is if it is a superhero from a comic that we loved growing up. Today, we’re talking about Marvel and The Avengers. Because one of these looks is that of Captain America. So, Marvel fans, this one is for you.

What is the Captain America leather jacket?

Before we go into his leather jacket, we need to speak to Captain America himself. Captain America is a character in Marvel Comics. He was created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance in 1941.

Captain America is a patriotic super-soldier who fought in World War II. He was originally a lanky person who was rejected from the military during the war. He hails from Brooklyn in the movies. He got his powers through a super-soldier serum that he received as a member of the United States military. Afterward, he became strong and a fighter. He is able to fight not only in the war but later on as well for humanity. According to the digital comic book adaptation of The First Avenger, he was on a Hydra ship that went down with Steve Rogers aboard on February 5, 1945. He gets frozen when he goes down with the ship. His increased metabolism and his increased immune system put him into a cryogenic hibernation that allowed his body to safely withstand being encased in ice for so long. Decades later, Steve Rogers is thawed. He lives through the decades and eventually joins with other superheroes, such as Iron Man, to form the Avengers. The Avengers save the universe from total destruction. They are Earth's mightiest heroes. They stand as the planet's first line of defense against the most powerful threats in the universe. The Avengers began as a group of extraordinary individuals who were assembled to defeat Loki and his Chitauri army in New York City.

Marvel Studios created the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This universe centers on a series of superhero films, starting with Iron Man in 2008. Captain America has his own series of movies:

  • Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), and
  • Captain America: Civil War (2016)

He also is in the Avengers movies. In the MCU, Chris Evans plays Captain America. Captain America’s costume is a picture of patriotism. It is red, white, and blue, with a shield that has a star and stripes.

When Captain America is not saving the world, he is Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers has a very specific look, one that has become as iconic as the Captain America costume. He wears dark denim jeans, a plain T-shirt, and our favorite part - a leather jacket.

The leather jacket has become so distinct that his look as Steve Rogers is just as well-known as his Captain America uniform.

The Legendary Jacket

Captain America’s leather jacket has great features. It is a tailored fit and a dark chocolate brown. The jacket is symmetrical with a zipper to clasp. The collar is stand up with a snap tab. There are two horizontal zipper pockets on the chest, one on each side of the jacket. Additionally, there are two vertical zipper pockets on the waist on either side. The sleeves are full in length and the cuffs have an open hem.

In Captain America replica jackets, the inner lining is viscose and the jacket is made of genuine leather.

Captain America Leather Jacket

How to Style your Captain America Jacket

Steve Rogers wore that jacket through the times, and you can wear it in 2022. Leather jackets are versatile and great for so many occasions. Here are our top three:

  1. Casual Day Out on the Town - There are perfect weather days, where it is not too hot and not too cold. Those days were meant for the leather jacket. If it’s a casual day, your leather jacket is the perfect fashion piece. It not only completes your outfit but works as the perfect shield from the cold. Wear your leather jacket with a T-shirt underneath. White is the classic Steve Rogers look, but any T-shirt will work. You can pair the outfit with dark jeans and boots. Boots are one of our favorite ways to dress up an outfit, but sneakers, flats, and sandals work as well. To switch from day to night, you can even throw on heels or dress shoes.
  2. Night Out - If you are making a night out with your leather jacket, you can do more to dress it up. Wear slacks and a button-down shirt underneath. A dress works as well. For many out there, your trusty LBD - a little black dress - will work perfectly. For shoes, heels or nice sandals work, as do any type of nicer dress shoe. Your leather jacket is a perfect piece to put on top of it all and bring it together cohesively.
  3. Workdays - Your leather jacket can go with you to work. It doesn’t matter what kind of office you work in. Are you in a casual, cool, startup environment? Are you in an office where you have to wear a suit every day? Do you work in retail or other people-facing jobs? Are you in building or a creative? Do you wear scrubs in a medical setting? You can throw a leather jacket over all of the above. Whatever your work outfit is, your leather jacket can add to it and keep you a little bit warmer. The only situation where this might not work is if you have a remote job and work from home. But if you want to wear your leather jacket over your pajama bottoms and work blouse - go for it! If you are the type that dresses every day even if you aren’t going anywhere - the leather jacket still works.

When it comes to leather jackets, your options are endless. We listed three here, but the world is your oyster. There are so many other outfits and situations where your Captain America leather jacket is a perfect addition.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

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Should I Go Custom?

If you are a fan of the Captain America/Steve Rogers leather jacket, you may not think about the going custom route. It is one that is still available and easy to do.


What are the benefits of going custom?


If you can’t find a Captain America jacket out there that is your size, going custom solves that problem. You can get a Captain America jacket made just for you. The best part is that it will fit you to a tee. You take your measurements and send them in. The makers create the jacket to fit perfectly. For people who never feel at ease with ready-to-wear sizes, it is the perfect alternative.

If you ever wanted to alter something with your jacket, you could by going custom. Maybe you love the jacket but want a different color. Or different pockets. Going custom allows you to do that.

If there is a Captain America leather jacket out there in your size that works and you love, we say go for it. But if not, going custom can help you get the jacket that you truly want.

Many people may think that the price tag on custom jackets is high. Generally, when something is custom it is more expensive. It takes more effort to make and it is one of a kind. However, that is not always the case. There is a range of bespoke leather jacket makers out there. The prices range from more luxury to affordable.

There are many custom leather jacket makers out there. Here are a few below:

  1. The Jacket Maker - The Jacket Maker is a company that we have focused on before. They are a newer company that is based out of California and Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Only six years old, it began as an online retail store for leather jackets in 2013. The Jacket Maker shifted to making custom pieces in 2016. Years later, it is still a major part of the company. They have ready-to-wear jackets that you can add a customizable touch to or they have the option to go entirely custom-made. You can customize any aspect, from measurements to style. Their price tag is affordable for leather jackets as well, coming in at $200 for their ready-to-wear jackets, and going higher for their custom jackets.
  2. - has been around since 1991. Similar to Independence Brothers, they hold the belief that leather jackets are a lifestyle. For them, it is the attire and a way of life. They subscribe to the quote, “Either you can be a Follower of Fashion or be a Creator of Fashion. In both scenarios; is the platform to opt for!” is customer-centered and focuses on affordability, with their standard ready-to-wear jackets coming in around $200-$300.
  3. Leather Skin Shop - Leather Skin Shop is only a hair older than The Jacket Maker in years; it was established in 2012 as a leather bracelet company. Although they started with bracelets, they have since expanded their inventory. They are warehoused in Oregon and sell outerwear, shoes, hats, bags, and caps. The price tag for their ready-to-wear jackets comes in around $200, although custom-made jackets are likely higher.

And of course, those of us at Independence Brothers can help you with any custom jacket needs. We specialize in quality leather jackets and love a good custom option. We make affordable leather jackets with the goal of them getting passed down for generations to come.

Chris Evans leather jacket


Well, Marvel fans, we hope this article got you closer to the Captain America/Steve Rogers look you were going for. Whether you look to get an exact replica of the infamous piece or customize it with something of your own, we hope you get exactly what you are looking for. Those of us at Independence Brothers are always here to answer any leather jacket questions you may have. We can also help you on your journey to purchasing one. We have both ready-to-wear jackets as well as the option to go custom.

Are you getting a Captain America jacket? Let us know in the comments below. Are there any other iconic looks out there that you want to know about? Tell us, and we’ll guide you there!

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