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April 20, 2022 8 min read

by Monique Youzwa

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Men’s wardrobes have expanded a great deal over the years, offering them as manyoptions as women. This allows men to create the perfect style for any occasion,provided they have the right clothing for the job. If you’re not sure where tostart when choosing items to fit your new look, we can help. We’ve come up witha list of all the essentials clothing you need to match your outfit to any outing, from work to play.

Essentials Clothing for Your Wardrobe

Clothing isn’t just about throwing something on to cover yourself. Each piece can make a statement. When combined, your clothes create a unique and sophisticated look or a more relaxed and casual one, depending on which pieces you choose. Of course, every wardrobe needs essential clothing that works together, no matter what the occasion calls for.

Leather Jacket

Few pieces of clothing are as eye-catching as a high-quality leather jacket. Theseexceptional pieces come in several styles, from the iconic biker or bombers tothe more modern trench coats. The sheer variety makes it almost impossible notto find one that matches your personality and style. They add a rugged, yetdashing, look to any wardrobe, plus a well-made leather jacket has a soft feel and distinctive scent that can’t be matched by any other item of clothing.


T-shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. They can be worn with casual pants for a relaxed look or paired with dressier clothing for a more upscale style. You can even layer them with other items as you see fit. It’s best to stick with plain neutral-colored tees, giving you a fresh, clean style rather than overloading them with graphics or designs that draw too much attention.


Like leather jackets, jeans have a wide variety of styles available, from super skinny to casual straight cut. Having a few pairs of varying styles in blue, black, and grey gives you a wide range of outfit options. They are perfect for any casual outing, plus they can be paired with dressier tops and coats for business meetings or a night out with friends.

Black Suits

Though the black suit may not get a ton of use, there are always occasions that call for this classic set. Black suits are simple, yet elegant, and can be adorned with a variety of accessories to add your personal touch, including colored shirts, fun ties, and stylish shoes. You can also keep it more traditional, with a quality white shirt and black tie. The trousers can even be worn on their own with other tops for a dressy-casual look.

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts are a classic addition to any closet, matching well with suits and dress pants but also working with jeans and other casual attire. Custom-fit shirts made of thicker material accentuate the torso in all the right places without revealing too much for a classy, elegant look.


Sweaters are a great choice when the weather is cool since they can be layered with other lighter items for warmth. There are also more styles than you may realize, including V-necks, cardigans, crew-necks, quarter-zip, sweater vests, and even long hooded sweaters. There are also knit and material options to decide on, with slim designs or a thick feel for those chilly nights.

Long Sleeve T-shirts

Like short sleeve tees, the long-sleeve options are a casual piece, though they are a bit warmer on those less-than-stellar days. They are just as versatile, working just as well with jeans and a leather jacket as they do with chinos and a sweater vest. White or black long sleeve tees match anything else in your wardrobe, though you can add a few bolder colors to the mix as well.


Cotton chinos are soft, comfortable, and look great with almost any top or coat in your wardrobe, making them one of the most versatile pant options around. Though they have a bit of a preppy air to them, they can be dressed up or down to match whatever your day has in store for you.

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Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is great for year-round wear since they are versatile, comfortable, and breathable. There are several different types and fits, with a few color options to pick from to match your style and other wardrobe items.


Hoodies are comfortable and casual for hikes, shopping trips, or coffee runs. These pieces come in a few style options and several colors, so you can layer them with your other clothing or wear them over a simple tee and jeans for a relaxed look.


Warm weather requires the right clothing and none are as fantastic for beach trips or barbecues as a good pair of shorts. They can be worn for casual outings or dressed up with more formal tops and coats when needed. Be sure to pick quality cotton options for breathability and comfort, in a few neutral colors to match any occasion.

Swim Shorts

Whether heading to the beach or relaxing by a hotel pool, a quality pair of swim shorts is a must for any wardrobe. Keep a couple on hand in case of any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. The shorts should fit well, keeping everything in place without showing too much off.


Sneakers are another versatile piece for those long days on your feet. Stick with a clean, simple pair that offers comfort over flash, though don’t skimp on the materials or you’ll end up with torn, shapeless shoes that bring down your whole look.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are like suits, they don’t come out often but need to look great when they do. There are several types, from lace-up Oxfords to loafers to a great pair of Chelsea boots. Pick those that work best with your style or add a few to your wardrobe to mix it up now and then.


Accessories are a part of any outfit, though you may not think about them until you need them. Belts and socks are a must for all occasions. Ties can dress up any collared shirt, with or without the suit to go with it. A stylish watch, from a simple piece to a more advanced smartwatch, ensures you’re always on time for any event. Not every man likes jewelry but if it fits your style, a nice ring or bracelet can dress up your look. Scarves, beanies, sunglasses, and gloves should also be on your list.

Essentials clothing

A Must-Have Item – The Leather Jacket

A high-quality leather jacket can be expensive, so not everyone feels as though it is an important part of their wardrobe. This is the wrong attitude, though, since a leather jacket can be one of the most versatile pieces you own.

The right leather jacket can accentuate almost any outfit, becoming the focal point thatbrings your entire look together. Some jackets can even add a touch of style tomultiple outfits, whether you’re meeting friends for coffee or attending an important business dinner.

A leather jacket can be a casual, yet stylish piece with a tee and jeans or can be wornover chinos and a sweater. You can dress it up or down as needed, with the leather jacket as the main piece that you match the rest of your outfit to.

Of course, not every leather jacket is created equal. There are a few styles to choosefrom to start your wardrobe, each of which has some benefits and some flaws as an anchor piece.

The Biker

The biker or motorcycle jacket is the most iconic leather jacket around. It’s cool, with slim lines and eye-catching hardware, like zippers and snaps. These jackets are also designed to be durable and warm when riding, though even those who don’t own a motorcycle favor these trendy pieces. They are great for casual wear or even semi-casual settings, though the short length and large collar aren’t necessarily a good choice for dressy affairs.

The Bomber

The bomber is another epic style that was originally favored by pilots. Over the years, their appeal has spread to those outside the military, due to the sheer masculinity they exude. Bombers are simple pieces, made of brown or black leather, with elastic collars and cuffs to keep you warm in cold weather. Of course, this also means that you likely won’t want to wear them over anything too heavy. Best of all, these jackets can fit in at both casual and dressy affairs, making them one of the most versatile leather pieces there is.

The Blazer

The leather blazer isn’t as common as some other styles but it has a sleek, finished look that few other pieces can compare with. It is a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe, plus it can be worn on those cooler spring and summer nights. These leather jackets are warm, protective, and eye-catching, with a longer cut that fits your body perfectly. They can also be worn over tees, sweaters, or even a collared shirt and tie, making them a great choice for any occasion.

The Racer

The racer is the modern version of the biker jacket, though it is designed more for fashion than function. It has a streamlined fit with smooth lines and a shorter length. It also skips some of the flashier features, like the folded collar, lapels, and jangly zippers. Instead, the racer features a straight collar, wider cuffs, and few features outside some extra stitching on the seams. This coat is best worn over tees, hoodies, or sweaters for casual or semi-casual outings.

The Trench Coat

A leather trench coat may not be as common as other leather jackets but it has earned its place in the running. They come in varying lengths, reaching the knees or extending to the floor, so you can get the perfect piece to suit your style. They are also form-fitting, with tapered waists and either traditional or modern collars and button closures to match the length of the jacket. Of course, these are considered luxury pieces, so they may be pricier due to the higher quality leathers used to make them.

Should You Go Custom With Your Leather Jacket?

Buying a leather jacket off the rack is fine if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands but there is nothing in your wardrobe that fits as well as a custom-made piece. These pieces are tailored to your specific dimensions to fit like a glove whenever you slip them on. You can also adjust the size depending on how you’ll use it since a piece worn over sweaters will need more room than one worn with thin tees.

You can also choose a variety of the features included with your jacket. One is the type of leather, which can alter the durability and feel of the jacket. For instance, cowhide or bison are both strong and durable, offering more protection from the weather, as well asmoisture and dirt. Deerskin, goatskin, and lambskin are also durable, though with a smoother, more supple feel, though they also come at a higher cost.

Other customizable features include the type of lining, the color of the leatherjacket, and the hardware used, like zippers or buttons. You can also pick the pocket design and how many there are, as well as any embellishments.

Custom leather jacket

In Conclusion

No wardrobe is complete without the essentials clothing that we’ve described here. These pieces were all carefully chosen to ensure you have the right outfit for every occasion or event you have on your calendar. If you have any suggestions or thoughts you’d like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment, and don’t forget to share this article with others looking for an essential clothing list.

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