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August 20, 2022 3 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Leather comes in all shapes and sizes - and by shapes and sizes, we mean type and quality. We’ve spoken in the past about the different types of leather that exist, such as lambskin, sheepskin, and cowhide. There are a few leather qualities that are available when you purchase a leather jacket:

  • Top grain
  • Full grain
  • Corrected
  • Genuine
  • Split

Today, we’re going to discuss corrected grain leather.

Corrected grain leather is leather that has been sanded down. As a result of the sanding, the original grain is gone. Any ‘imperfections’ that existed on the animal are no longer there. A faux animal skin grain is then put on the leather by a mechanical pressing, and the leather is treated. Corrected leather gets treated with a few different products, including oils, treatments, and dye. This makes it more appealing and customizable to consumers. It also results in a uniform grain with extremely smooth leather, albeit a more plastic feel. Corrected leather is always made from top grain leather, but not all top grain leather is corrected.

Corrected Grain vs Other Types of Leather

The quality of a leather jacket is determined by how the leather has been handled before being turned into a jacket.

  • Genuine leather is the lowest quality leather. When full grain leather is split, genuine leather is the bottom half, while the top half becomes top grain.
  • Full grain leather is the full hide and has not been split. This type of leather retains the natural grain and skin pattern of the animal. It has not been sanded, buffed, or gone through any other process to remove imperfections. It is inflexible leather as well.
  • Top grain leather refers to leather that is split from the bottom layers of the leather. Top grain is the process of sanding away the natural grain from the top surface of the leather.
  • Split leather is produced from top grain leather but is another layer underneath. It is the leftover from the processing of top-grain leather.

Each type of leather looks and feels different. The higher the quality of leather, the closer to the animal hide it looks and the stiffer it feels.

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Pros and Cons of Corrected Grain Leather

As with any type of leather, there are pros and cons to corrected grain.

Corrected grain is a lower quality leather compared to top and full grain. As a result, it costs less. If you are on a budget, getting a corrected grain jacket might be the move for you. This is one of the major benefits.

At the same time, corrected grain leather is lower quality leather. If you are looking for top-tier leather quality when purchasing your jacket, then corrected grain won’t work for you.

The other important characteristic of corrected grain is generally seen as a con, but depending on your style could be a benefit. As we mentioned, imperfections get sanded down when the leather is split. This gives corrected grain a more artificial feel. Many leather enthusiasts prefer all of the imperfections of the hide. There are some people, however, who might want clean skin. For anyone who prefers a more uniform look, this aspect of corrected grain leather could serve as a positive.

Corrected grain leather


When figuring out the type of jacket you want, leather quality is important. Consider the look, your budget, and what tier of leather you are going for. For deeper dives into the other leather qualities, check out our blog. We’re hoping this piece gives you a holistic summary of corrected grain leather and helps in your choice. Happy shopping!

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