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August 23, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Adults aren’t the only ones who can pull off a nice and cool leather jacket. Kids can too! Leather jackets for kids feature the same construction of authentic leather as their adult counterparts. The only difference, of course, is that they come in sizes that are more kid-friendly.

When buying a leather jacket for your kid, there are things that you should know beforehand.

Benefits of A Leather Jacket for Kids

First off, why exactly do kids need leather jackets? There are several reasons for that including the high level of comfort they can give to your child compared to any other type of jacket or coat.

They can also last a long time, especially when they’re taken care of well. They can last years with barely any signs of degradation or ruin.

Leather jackets are also a lot easier to maintain. You can use warm water and soap to clean a dirty leather jacket. Conditioning also helps soften the leather jacket. Remembering to clean and condition your kid’s leather jacket will make it last longer.

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Tips for Buying Leather Jackets for Kids

Buying leather jackets in general, whether it be for kids or adults, can be overwhelming. With the different styles available in the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for you to invest in. Here are some tips for buying a leather jacket for your kid:

Check the fitting

Make sure that the jacket fits your child properly. The measurements on the leather jacket itself may not be reliable since they are often manufactured in a different country with a different size parameter. It’s better to get your kid’s body measurements and have the leather jacket customized to fit them like a glove.

Make sure the leather is genuine

If you want your kid’s leather jacket to last a long time, then it’s important to make sure that the jacket you’re purchasing is authentic. Artificial leather has a tougher and scratchier texture making them uncomfortable to wear. They can also often result in serious allergies so it’s better to avoid them.

Look for any defects

It’s necessary to thoroughly scrutinize your leather jacket and make sure it has all the essentials. Check that the zippers and buttons are all in working order. You can also check that it does not have any bad silk or synthetic lining that may result in discomfort.

Choose a style that your kid would like

As mentioned before, kids’ leather jackets also come in a variety of styles. Biker styles are among the most popular. Some leather jackets also mimic the look of popular leather jackets in movies while some feature popular movie logo designs. What’s important is that you pick a style that your kid would feel confident wearing.

Go for monogramming

Monogramming is when you customize a piece of garment by adding a name or any other words to it. Sewing your child’s name to the inside of their leather jacket decreases the chances of it getting lost and never getting found. Not to mention, it also makes the jacket feel exclusive to your kid, boosting their confidence to wear it.

Leather jackets for kids

Final Words

Leather jackets are one of those clothing pieces that are loved by everyone, regardless of age and gender. Your kid would most likely be no exception.

Hopefully, this guide was able to help you pick a leather jacket that your kid would love. Let us know your thoughts down below! And share this with your friends to help them find a leather jacket for their kids, too!

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