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July 25, 2019 10 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Leather has been around for centuries. The earliest recording of leather dates all the way back to 200 B.C. It has been used to make a variety of clothing and other articles, such as shoes and car seats.

Then there is the leather jacket. Leather jackets have been around for decades. They are classic in their look and their feel, as well as in the emotions that they invoke. But the leather jacket has come far. The world of leather jackets is a fashionable and unique one. Leather jackets are meant not only for comfort, design, and practicality but also are a fashion statement. There are styles and sizes for men, women, and the ever-encompassing customizable piece. Then there is also the cropped jacket, which we will be discussing today.

A cropped leather jacket? What does that mean and what are they?

What makes a cropped jacket cropped? In the simplest of terms, it is when the jacket ends at a shorter place on your torso. Cropped leather jackets are a jacket style that has been trending recently, and are a different way to wear leather jackets. They are a mostly female way to wear your leather jacket and give you a different look than the traditional outerwear. Cropped leather jackets give an entirely new dimension to leather jackets and how you can wear and style them with your clothing. While a cropped leather jacket is still a jacket that can keep you warm on fall days, it steps up as a fashion piece more than other leather jackets that are worn.

I love cropped leather jackets! Where can I get one?

Thankfully cropped leather jackets are all the rage right now, giving you a few options on where to purchase one. You may have heard about some of these companies before, or maybe they are new. But having cropped leather jackets gives them a hearty mention here:


  1. Neiman Marcus - Neiman Marcus is an American chain of luxury department stores that is headquartered in Dallas, TX. Found in 1907 by spouses Carrie and Herbert Marcus and Abraham Neiman, the company began as a clothing company in the state where it is still headquartered. Today, they have women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing, as well as handbags, accessories, outerwear, and more. Their cropped jackets are relatively affordable, ranging in the $150 range and up.
  2. Independence Brothers - You can get a cropper leather jacket right here at Independence Brothers. We are a company that was founded by Scott and Robbie, two brothers who value leather jackets and the way that they make you feel. Based in Philadelphia, Independence Brothers specializes in leather jackets that are made of quality materials, crafted with skill, and fit perfectly. The Independence Brothers jackets are made of lambskin, goatskin, and cowskin leathers so that they are durable, they age well, and they can last for generations. All of our jackets come with free custom measurements and are perfect for petite individuals to make sure they are getting a leather jacket that fits you just right. The Independence Brothers price tag comes in at a higher price than Neiman Marcus, with jackets as low as $380 and up.
  3. BLANKNYC -BLANKNYC is a newer company that was started back in 2007. They began as a denim company, with their Studded Skinny Classique Jeans as their claim to fame. As suggested by their name, they were born in Manhattan, New York, and they make all types of clothing. They focus on what they can create with specific materials - vegan leather, stretch denim, plush knits, and industrial hardware. You can find them not only through their online or physical portal, but places such as Nordstrom Rack carry their apparel as well. They also have an affordable price tag, with their jackets ranging from $100-$200.
  4. The Jacket Maker - The Jacket Maker is a company that we have focused on before. They are a newer company that is based out of California in the United States and Ras al Khaimah, or RAK, in the United Arab Emirates. Only six years old, they began as an online retail store for leather jackets in 2013. The Jacket Maker shifted to bespoke in 2016, and it is still a major part of the company three years later. They have ready to wear jackets that you can add a customizable touch to or they have the option to go entirely custom-made, from measurements to style. Their price tag is affordable for leather jackets as well, coming in at $200 for their ready to wear jackets, and going higher for their custom jackets. Even if you order a cropped jacket, you can still customize it, making it an even better piece of fashion for yourself.
Custom made leather jacket

What about bespoke? Can I customize my cropped leather jacket?

In a word - yes. The beauty of bespoke, or customized, leather jackets is that you can add any kind of touch you want to them, including having them cropped.

You have heard us speak highly of bespoke leather jackets before, and that opinion is not ending here. Customizing your cropped leather jacket gives the jacket a more personal feel, something that you are more attached to. As with any leather jacket, there are pros and cons to customizing, and we’ll review those here:

Pros -The first pro of having a bespoke leather jacket is the custom factor. You create this jacket to fit you, your personality, and your style. This is a huge draw for people to express themselves, or make sure that this jacket encompasses everything they want it to.

The second massive pro to having a bespoke leather jacket is that it will fit you in the truest way that a jacket can. If you are ordering from pre-made, pre-designed factory leather jackets, there are standards sizes that are an option. Even when you pick a size, there is the possibility that it does not fit as snugly and securely as you would like it to. Leather jackets should wear as if you have a second skin, and if you fall in-between sizes, that may not be the case.


Cons – The main con that goes along with having this kind of a jacket is the price tag. While there are affordable leather jacket companies out there, bespoke leather jackets are still more expensive than the factory ones. This is because of the time, energy, and effort that goes into making it, as well as because it is custom. Consider this as you are figuring out what company to go for and the design that you are going after.

If you do decide to get a custom cropped jacket, we can help you with where to start. We have written an article in the past about bespoke leather jackets, but in addition to that, two of the companies we mentioned above, The Jacket Maker and Independence Brothers, make customizable leather jackets. These companies, as well as any other custom jacket making companies, have guides on how to measure yourself so that you get the best fitting jacket possible with your custom order. Whether you are ordering a customized leather jacket or a standard-sized one, be sure to make sure the sizing works on your, especially on the sleeves. Making sure you can bend your elbows and be comfortable in your jacket will increase your happiness with the product and how much use you will get out of.

Colored leather jacket

I finally got a cropped leather jacket! How do I wear or style it?

So you have decided to get a cropped leather jacket. This is amazing! Once your jacket arrives, you have to think about how you are going to wear and style it so that you look your best wearing your purchase. While most outfits look great with a leather jacket, a cropped leather jacket is a new consideration. Even though the material is the same, the jacket will fall differently and have the ability to highlight different parts of what you are wearing. Here are some tips on how to style a cropped leather jacket, as well as suggestions for fashion pairings that go well with the jacket style:


  1. White t-shirt and jeans: A white t-shirt and jeans is a classic outfit that is comfortable and casual. You can wear it during the day or if you have an outdoor event to go to. But let’s say you want to dress it up just a little. Maybe you’re going out to a bar to meet up with friends or want something not as casual for dinner. Pairing that outfit with a cropped leather jacket adds the perfect effect. Your leather jacket can completely elevate and transform your outfit to something more sophisticated, yet still comfortable and casual if needed. Throw boots in the mix and you are ready to go.
  2. Black dress: The little black dress (or most black dresses, in general), are a girl’s best friend. They work for every occasion, every season. The color never is one that can’t be worn, and the styles of black dresses are endless. A black dress is a staple in most female closets. And a leather jacket can add to it. The cropper leather jacket adds an extra layer of greatness to the outfit, and if you add some nice jewelry and nice shoes, you are prepared for your day or night.
  3. Skirt: Sometimes, wearing a skirt with a jacket is difficult to pair up. The jacket runs the risk of being too long and covering up your skirt, or clash in some other way with something that is not pants. A cropped leather jacket, however, changes the game. Because it is shorter, it allows you to show off what you are wearing on your legs, which works excellently for a skirt. The cropped part of the jacket also lets you show off what you are wearing as a blouse, making it a true three-piece outfit. If you thought a leather jacket only went with a skirt that showed off some leg, you were wrong! Maxi skirts go great with a cropped leather jacket as well. You’ll be able to see the start of the skirt, and the skirt goes all the way to the ground which gives a sharp but excellent contrast to the shortness of your cropped leather jacket.
  4. Striped shirt: No matter what time of the year, a striped shirt is in style. You can wear either long or short sleeves, and a leather jacket goes perfectly well over it. It again has the ability to take something casual and make it more upscale. The solid color on the jacket provides a great contrast to the stripes and ties the whole outfit together in regards to color and pattern.
  5. Block pants: Chances are your leather jacket is going to be a solid color. Most come in black, tan, or beige, with occasionally colors such as green. A great way to wear a solid colored jacket is to wear bright pants that contrast the darkness of your jacket. Depending on what season it is - especially when it gets colder into the fam - having bright colors adds depth to your outfit.
  6. Turtleneck: Skirts, pants, dresses - the leather jacket can match with it all. This includes one of our colder clothing shirts, the turtleneck. Turtlenecks are usually reserved for when it is colder outside, but a leather jacket can complement it perfectly. The way a turtleneck pops over the jacket and ends before the shirt so that you can see it greatest a classic combination. If you have a darker turtleneck with a black leather jacket, you’ll be set to go in city fashion.
  7. Statement jewelry: While it is true that we have been discussing cropped leather jackets with clothing pieces, your accessories can be important as well. Statement jewelry that you wear can accent your outfit and even your jacket. A long necklace, if you keep the jacket open, can draw attention to the jacket and what you are wearing. In the same way, larger, bolder earrings can lead your eyes to your cropped leather jacket and have the same effect. When you are wearing a cropped leather jacket, the entire picture can be considered.
  8. Wide pants and boots: Wide pants and boots give a sleek look. You can add your cropped leather jacket with that pair, making it a trio of different layers.
  9. High-waisted jeans and a crop top: This trio is the ideal one for length. Your cropped leather jacket and crop top will end on your torso in around the same place, and then your high-waisted jeans come up to meet them. The look is flawless and flows in a single line down to your shoewear.
  10. Explore with colors: No matter what you are wearing, explore with the colors. If you have a black cropped leather jacket, consider brown knit pants. The colors go great together, especially in the fall. It gives you a city look that you may not normally wear clothing-wise, but as a jacket and pants pair, they work well.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

No matter how you wear the cropped leather jacket, know that it works for so many occasions - daytime, a night out, a casual gathering, or an evening dinner. You can throw it on on your way to the grocery store or on a brisk day when you’re going apple picking or to an outdoor concert. The versatility of the jacket is one of the many reasons we love it.

Cropped leather jacket

Cropper leather jackets - an appreciated trend

We feel strongly about leather jackets here and about what they can do for you as a person. This article hopefully helps you elevate your leather jacket purchasing experience and know where to begin looking to order a cropped leather jacket. At the end of the day, you are the person purchasing this extension of yourself. Do the research and read reviews. Figure out a price point that works best with you, and research companies to see if any call out to you in particular. Compare styles and cuts and comfort. Contemplate how to make the jacket your own. Find what works best for you, what you can see yourself wearing many days throughout the year. Whether you purchase a bespoke jacket, a factory-made jacket, or an Independence Brothers leather jacket, you need to make sure it is the best version of yourself in it.

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