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August 02, 2019 8 min read

by Sarah Makhluf

Sarah is a freelance content writer from Boston, MA. She loves traveling, fashion, and the beach.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and finding perfectly fitting clothing no matter what size you are, can be a challenge. It's no secret wearing a leather jacket that fits like a glove will not only add flair to your wardrobe but also give a sense of unparalleled confidence; only a great leather jacket can achieve. If you're petite, you may know what a challenge finding the perfect leather jacket can be. Do brands today offer enough options for men on the smaller size, or is there significant room for improvement? While some major stores and brand names do offer petite sizing, men are asking for more. Shorter men, of course, need clothing too, and we are tired of seeing retailers ignore them.

What is considered petite?

Men under 5'8" and below are considered petite in American standard sizing. Anyone under 5'8" knows that finding clothes that fit correctly is everything. No matter how cool or timeless the article of clothing is, if it's too big, it won't look right. So many men all over the world fall under the petite category, and yet we still see a lack of options for them.

Is it easy to find a real leather jacket in a smaller size that fits right?

Unless you go to a specialty store like, Peter Manning (read about them below) it’s not easy for smaller men to find leather jackets that fit just right. It’s quite surprising that more stores don’t offer more inclusive sizing. There is no lack of petite men in the world seeking clothing to fit them just right. Why is the fashion industry ignoring almost half of the population?

Brands/stores that offer petite leather jackets:

Banana Republic - Part of the giant Gap Inc. empire, Banana Republic, has a reputation for classic, somewhat preppy, and always well-tailored clothing. This size-inclusive company has men's leather jackets starting at size XXS and go up to XXL. Any petite men may want to head to their local mall to try on a jacket in-store. With most brands starting at XS or S, Banana Republic does try to cater to the smaller sizes.

All Saints - While their jackets do only start at size XS, many men say the jackets are cut somewhat smaller than your average brand, plus all their materials are ethically sourced, giving them an A+ in our book. If you shop with them, expect to make your purchases online, as they only have 67 stores throughout the US, the chances of finding one in your city may be slim.

Peter Manning - This brand deserves a massive shout out on the list, their whole brand is catered toward men 5'8" and under. Their clothes are specifically cut for petite men, and they design all of their clothing with this demographic in mind. They take in the height and weight of shorter men when cutting and creating all of their clothing. They have three lambkin petite men's leather jackets to choose from on the site currently.

Petite jackets for men

Are these brands enough?

While some stores offer a couple of petite styles, is this enough? Men are saying no, more people are seeking properly fitted clothing, and with good reason. Wearing the perfect leather jacket can be a confidence boost, the ideal addition to your wardrobe, and a timeless article of clothing that should withstand the test of time. The options are slim for shorter men. While these stores have options for petite men, they are forced to choose between only a couple of jackets. Why are more brands not catering to the masses, and what are fashion designers doing to break the pattern? It’s no secret we all want clothes to fit us well, and people of every shape and size are demanding more options.

Sizing and measurements

How do you know what size you are? Check out the guide below to ensure you are taking the proper measurements before purchasing any new clothing. Plus, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about measuring yourself before you buy a leather jacket.

How to find your size in the general sizing chart

Most US brands offer men’s clothing in S, M, L, and XL sizes. With some brands running small, some large, and some in the middle, how do you know where you fall on the spectrum? Measuring yourself and following the size chart at the store your shopping at will give you a better understanding of what size is best for you. To begin, grab a measuring tape. Chest, hip, and height are the most common measurements to help you figure out which size you are on a general sizing chart:

  • Chest: Stand up straight and wrap the tape measure around your chest. (You may need a second pair of hands.)
  • Hip: Measure horizontally at the outermost part of your hips.
  • Height: Best to do without shoes, measure yourself from head to toes.

How to take measurements for a custom made jacket:

Have you decided to go custom? If so, the first step is making sure you have your exact measurements. Be sure to jot these down before you fill out your order form for your new jacket. It’s best to have a little bit of help here, so grab a friend, mom, or partner and start measuring.

Chest - Starting from under your armpits, measure the widest part of your chest and be sure that you go all the way around. Make sure your arms are resting at your sides.

Sleeve - Start from the middle of the back of your neck, go over your shoulder and elbow and end at the very top of your wrist.

Waist - Start at the smallest point of your waist and measure all the way around.

Torso - Start at the back of your neck and measure vertically from the base of your neck to the top of your hips.

Jacket sizes

How a particular size should fit

Now that you have your measurements, time to learn precisely how your new jacket should fit and feel. Note that a leather jacket is meant to be comfortable; it should feel like a second skin on the body and should offer the right amount of warmth. Check below to find out just how your leather jacket should fit.

Sleeves: The sleeves are so crucial on a leather jacket, and shorter men will know the struggle of having sleeves too long. The bottom of the sleeve should come to where your wrist bends. Tip: If you found a jacket that fits perfectly everywhere else, you can get the sleeves hemmed just like you would on a pair of pants. Only to go a reputable tailor and one who specializes in leather.

Jacket height: The height of the jacket should fall right about where your t-shirt line ends. Some shorter men tend to forgo choosing a jacket that is cut slightly shorter; this creates a boxy, top-heavy look as opposed to a sleek, cohesive look.

Tight or loose: This one is somewhat up to personal preference. A leather jacket should have 1-2 inches of extra space between the jacket and your chest. There should be enough room to wear a shirt underneath, but if you can fit a chunky sweater under there, you may have gone a size too big.

The beauty of a custom-made leather jacket that fits your body just right.

Make your body look longer and leaner with a jacket that fits just right, gain confidence, and make a good impression on those around you. Sounds hard, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you hate shopping around at multiple stores, trying on different styles of jackets, or don’t have the time and energy to shop for the perfect leather jacket, we recommend going custom. What exactly does that mean? A bespoke leather jacket is made especially for you, with your body type, desire for the outcome, and size taken into consideration. Custom made leather jackets are handcrafted, and depending on the manufacturer, use the highest quality leathers. Buying a custom leather jacket means you are in total control over the style, size, even down to the hardware. The only way to guarantee a jacket will fit you 100% right is to have one hand made with your exact measurements. Feel comfortable, bold, and stylish in a leather jacket that fits you like a glove.

Pros and Cons of getting a custom-made leather jacket, no matter the size

The beauty about going custom means that no matter what size you are, big, small, or somewhere in the middle, it doesn't matter! Custom made clothing is the ultimate size-inclusive clothing options for people of every shape and size. Plus, brands are starting to get the hint that consumers are looking for perfectly fitted clothing. More options for tailor-made clothing is popping up every year, and predictions are saying the trend is on a steady incline.


  • Guaranteed perfect fit
  • Unique to only you
  • Choose your style, color, and hardware
  • Options to add further customization, like patchwork and embroidery
  • Never have to worry about the sleeves being too long


  • Custom leather jackets can be pricey
  • May take up to 6 weeks for the jacket to be constructed
  • Most custom made leather jackets are not returnable

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

What difference does a jacket that fits right make?

While some may argue it's just a jacket, we beg to differ. A jacket that is too big can make a shorter guy look like he's playing dress-up. If trying out different styles or going to a tailor sounds daunting, going custom is by far the best option for you. A bespoke leather jacket allows you to customize your perfect leather jacket entirely. Having a coat that fits correctly will not only help you look more tailored and put together, when we're confident about how we look on the outside, we feel better on the inside.

Styling tips for petite leather jackets

If you’re on the small side, trying going with one of the styles of leather jackets mentioned below!

The fitted racer jacket - A fitted leather racer jacket is a crowd-pleaser among many shorter men. Why? It has softer shoulders and a slimmer fit, making it easier to hug the body and prevent the wearer from being swallowed by the jacket. Plus, with its minimalistic style, men can wear it from the office to out on the weekend.

Ribbed Cuff Bomber Jacket - Any shorter man knows the struggle of sleeves being too long. A ribbed cuff takes care of the issue without having to go to a tailor. Most bomber jackets come with a ribbed waistband to match as well, live out your Top Gun fantasies in the perfect petite leather bomber jacket.

Custom made leather jacket

Thank you so much for reading. What did you think of the post? Are you someone who has a hard time finding clothing, or can you walk right into a store and find the perfect piece? This article hit home for me, as a shorter woman, I know the struggles of finding clothing that fits just right. I have seen so many brands completely ignore shorter men, and for what reason? I think all retailers out there need to start working harder on making size-inclusive clothing for all. Let’s hope that day comes sooner rather than later. If you liked the article, be sure to let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share with any other fashion-loving friends or family.

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