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February 24, 2023 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Leather is one of those materials that just scream LUXURY! It’s a timeless material that will give any product made from it that cool and sleek look. It has the ability to give the wearer that same look as well.

For years, leather has not only become one of the leading materials used for clothing production, as well as household furniture, but it has also become a statement of one’s personality and attitude. Leather is one of the oldest materials used in any industry, over the years it has evolved to look better, feel smoother, and live longer.

It’s tough, it’s resilient, and it’s versatile. It is everything you could want your things to be made out of. From footwear to jackets, to upholstery, leather works great for it.

Here are some fun facts you need to know about leather to appreciate it even more than you already might.

Leather Texture Changes

The texture of leather changes based on its environment. Leather contains pores, so it has the ability to absorb moisture. In a humid environment, it will become softer because of the moisture in the air. And in a dry environment, it tends to toughen up because there is no moisture it can absorb.

It’s common knowledge not to wet leather for a long period of time, so keeping it away from water will make it last longer.

Leather and Upholstery

There’s a reason most manufacturers use leather in their upholstery beyond the aesthetic properties it has to offer. Leather is highly versatile, and it is also high functioning, it has great natural insulation properties, resistance to tear and wear, and water-resistant to some extent. These reasons make them an ideal choice of material for seats and couches.

Leather is Renewable

Leather is made from the skin of deceased animals. They can be harvested naturally without harming animals, and if done right there can be unlimited resources to get them from. It can be made without the use of expensive synthetic materials.

They are an eco-friendly material, especially with the development of biodegradable leather today.

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White Leather

White leather is the hardest type of leather to produce. Hide of bad quality can crack and damage when exposed to the white dye that is used to make white leather. Only high-quality hide can withstand this treatment.

Leather as Wallpaper

Leather was used as a status symbol. Even though it has been used for so many things for a long time, its use as wallpaper wasn’t until the modern days, when it was used to symbolize quality and chicness.

Usually used by people of higher social status – and unique taste, leather has been used in more interior designs than one might think.


The average person wears four leather articles every day. From your shoes to your wallet, your belt, and your watch strap. It’s very likely that one of them is made of leather.

Cowhide Leather

Leather can be made from all kinds of animal skin, but the most popular based on the commonality of its use is cowhide. It’s very easy to take care of, especially if protected properly with finishing and waterproofing, and it’s fairly thick which makes it strong.

Cowhide is the most used material for leather production, but just because it isn’t as scarce as sheepskin or as expensive as alligator doesn’t mean it isn’t as up to the quality as either.

Exotic Leather

Leather is not only harvested from commonly farmed animals like cows and sheep, but it can also be made from more exotic animals like alligators and ostrich. In fact, many luxury brands actually use crocodile leather and snakeskin as materials to make their bags.

Produced in Thailand, the world’s most durable leather is even made from stingrays.

The Leather Industry

It’s no surprise that the leather industry would be a big deal, but to think that it earns more than coffee, rice, tea, sugar, and even rubber is astonishing. The leather industry makes more than $53.8 billion USD every year, and 60% of that only comes from leather footwear.

Unknown facts about leather


Using leather, wearing leather, and having leather is not only an expression of your preference for chicness, but it also shows the regard for durability and sustainability.

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