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February 26, 2023 3 min read

by April Quibido

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These days, Saffiano leather is among the most common types of leather. Often used for handbags, suitcases, and satchels, this textured material is best known for its durability, high quality, and easy maintenance. Its crosshatch pattern gives leather products a distinctive look. If you own or plan to buy one, you should take it upon yourself to learn how to clean Saffiano leather.

Cleaning Saffiano Leather

In general, Saffiano leather jackets and products do not require frequent cleaning. It often has a wax finish that is good at repelling water and dirt. Don't be concerned if your Saffiano piece gets dirty. The simple yet efficient steps outlined below will not only remove minor stains but will also protect the material from further damage!

Follow these steps if you think it is time to clean your Saffiano leather garment. Ideally, you should carry out the cleaning process every two or three months.

  • Clean gently with a damp cloth

Wipe the leather surface with a soft cotton cloth. Do this gently in a circular manner and avoid scrubbing the material to prevent damage.

Ensure that the cloth is only damp, preferably with distilled water and mild soap. Keep doing this until you get rid of any residual soap.

  • Wipe away moisture with a dry cloth

Gently wipe the surface with a dry cotton cloth. This is effective in absorbing any residual moisture on the leather.

  • Air-dry the leather

After cleaning the Saffiano leather garment, let it air dry. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight or heat to maintain the durability of the material.

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Storing Saffiano Leather

Once dry, you should either use it or store it properly. Keep it away from dust and spills that can damage the surface of the leather. It is also recommended to stuff the leather item with newspaper to let it retain its softness and shape.

What To Avoid

  • Do not use creams, cleansers, polishes, and leather conditioners. They clog the pores and make the garment brittle.
  • Avoid cleaning with baby wipes since they contain chemicals that may ruin the leather.
  • Prevent the garment from making contact with anything that has dye. It will re-dye the surface, and the color cannot be removed.


Here are some of the most common questions that have not been addressed earlier:

  • Is Saffiano leather supposed to be soft?

No, this type of leather is known to be rigid because it is coated with plastic wax over the course of the tanning procedure.

  • Are scratches obvious on Saffiano leather?

In general, the wax finish survives scratches from everyday use. Slight scuffs that penetrate this coating are almost invisible, thanks to the crosshatch pattern.

  • Why is Saffiano leather so expensive?

This kind of leather is costly due to the time-consuming nature of its tanning process. On top of that, products made with this material are typical of good quality and resistant to water, scratches, and other external damage.

  • How can I get rid of stubborn stains?

If there are stains that you can’t remove from the Saffiano leather with regular cleaning, you should buy a commercial stain remover specifically made for this purpose. This will loosen up the stain, although you should run a test on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that it will not destroy the surface.

How to clean Saffiano leather


Was the content of this guide useful to you? By now, it should be clear to you how to take care of your Saffiano leather jacket or bag. This material is pricey and durable, so maintenance is a must. Let us know if you have any comments below and share this article with your friends if it helped you!

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