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In the world of leather jackets, full grain leather holds a special place for its reputation as the pinnacle of quality. Renowned for its durability, natural beauty, and rich patina, full grain leather is often considered the gold standard in the industry. However, is it truly the best choice for everyone? In this article, we delve into the qualities, pros, and cons of full grain leather jackets to help you make an informed decision. Discover the unique characteristics that set full grain leather apart, understand its unparalleled strength and resilience, and explore how it ages gracefully over time. We'll also shed light on any potential drawbacks and consider alternative options, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of full grain leather and its suitability for your personal style and needs. Join us as we uncover the truth behind full grain leather jackets and help you decide if they truly deserve their reputation as the best.

Jackets are one staple of menswear that never seems to go out of style. Right from the early sixties, the leather jacket, in particular, is something that has become an incredibly iconic piece of fashion. Overall, jackets have always been a good piece of fashion to invest in, and getting a good leather jacket is something that will surely do you more good than harm.

If you are thinking of buying a leather piece for yourself or someone you know, there are certain factors that you should take into account. Understanding these factors can help you buy a product that is good in quality, and which won’t wear out too quickly.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Leather For Your Jacket

One of the most significant factors that one should always take into consideration before they buy the product is the kind of leather that is being used. Not all products are made of the same type of leather, and each product tends to differ in the kind of material, thickness, smoothness, color, and several other factors. Three of the main kinds of leather that are found on the market are Full Grain, Top Grain, and Genuine Leather. Depending on the type of material that the jacket is made of, the prices may vary. Of course, there are additional factors that affect the overall look, feel, and cost of the product, but the material that it is made of tends to be the biggest one to consider.

Full Grain Leather - The Real Deal

Full Grain Leather is the original kind of leather that was being used long before modern leather making processes come into existence. Because of the name, this kind of leather is surrounded by misconceptions. In spite of these, brands have tried to put an incredibly positive spin on this, and prefer using this over genuine leather when trying to make high-end products. Because of how hard it is to work with this kind of leather, the products that are produced tend to be of a significantly higher price as compared to other types of leather.

One of the first misconceptions that people have when it comes to this leather is the texture and smoothness. When you think of full-grain, one of the first things that come to your mind is actual grains like rice and wheat. If you were to lay them out and run your hand over them, it would feel slightly rough. This is the concept that people often apply when explaining the intricacies of this kind of leather, even though it is entirely false. This type of leather is one of the smoothest types of leather on the market and tends to be the very best that one can get. This Leather tends to add a certain amount of richness that other kinds of leather often fail to offer.

Full grain leather

Leather jackets, their quality, and how they differ

The quality of a leather jacket is determined by how the leather has been handled before being turned into a jacket. We mentioned the qualities before, but let’s take this opportunity to go into it in more detail:

Top grain leather refers to leather that is split from the bottom layers of the leather. Top grain is the process of sanding away the natural grain from the top surface of the leather. Imitation grain gets stamped into the leather to give a more uniform look. However, no genuine grain remains. This results in a leather jacket that is thinner in material and weight. Since leather is heavy and that can be uncomfortable for some people, many times top grain leather is preferred for that reason – it leads to more comfortable jackets. The bottom later of the leather is used to make suede, while the top layer is used for the jacket. Top grain leather is the most common type of leather in high-end leather products, but it is the second-highest quality, although the name suggests otherwise. The surface gets sanded and a finish coat is added. This results in a colder, plastic feel of the leather with less breathability, even though it is thinner and more comfortable. The coat does not develop a natural patina, and it is more pliable than full-grain leather. It is less expensive and is more stain-resistant, making it the most common type of leather in a leather jacket.

Leather qualities

Genuine leather is the lowest quality leather. When full-grain leather is split, genuine leather is the bottom half, while the top half becomes top grain. Genuine leather is the catchall term for anything that is leather, but not high quality. It essentially just means it is technically leather, and can even mean scraps of leather bonded together to make the product (bag, jacket, belt, etc.)

Correctedleather is leather that has been sanded down to remove any imperfections. As a result of the sanding, the original grain is gone. A faux animal skin grain is then put on the leather by a mechanical pressing, and the leather is treated. Corrected leather gets treated with a few different products, including oils, treatments, and dye. This makes it more appealing and customizable to consumers, and results in a uniform grain with extremely smooth leather, albeit a more plastic feel. Corrected leather is always made from top grain leather, but not all top grain leather is corrected.

Full-grain leather is, conversely, leather that has not been split. It is the full hide. Not only has it not been split, but it has not been sanded, buffed, or any other alterations to remove any natural marks of the hide or imperfections on the surface. This type of leather retains the natural grain and skin pattern of the animal. Full-grain has some breathability due to the natural pores. It also has natural oils, making it a very soft leather. During prolonged contact, there is less moisture. Full-grain also develops a patina during its lifetime. A patina on leather is a gloss or sheen on a surface that results from aging. It is the highest quality leather out of all of them, and if you are buying a product that is full-grain leather, the seller will be sure to make it known that it is full-grain. Full-grain leather is likely more expensive, as it is higher quality and will last you much longer. For a leather enthusiast, or if you have the budget to afford the higher quality materials, full-grain leather may be what you are looking for.

Good quality leather jackets

Why Should You Go In For A Full Grain Leather Jacket?

The material that the jacket is made of should be one of the main determinants on whether or not you should go in for a jacket. Leather jacket’s don’t come cheap, and if someone is putting down that much money for them, they should be able to get something that is long lasting. Full grain leather, when taken care of well, tends to stay in a good working condition for longer. The peeling effect that leather jackets often exhibit is often eliminated when a good quality full grain jacket is in the picture.

It isn’t just a material that is used in leather jackets. It is a material that can have rich history and craftsmanship associated with it. Because of how high-quality manufacturers want their full-grain jackets to be, there is always a certain amount of delicate precision that they like to carry out. This factor means that every jacket that you buy is going to be made to perfection and is done by someone who needs to pay a great amount of attention to detail.

The Jackets made from this type of leather are also a brilliant style statement and are something that fashion lovers will immediately identify. Leather jackets have never gone out of style, and probably won’t for the next ten years. This means that your purchase is something that will work well for you for a prolonged period.

Finding A Good Leather Jacket

Finding a leather jacket that fits you and all of your requirements is essential, and is something that can last you a considerable amount of time. Here are some options that you can go in for when trying to find a jacket that fits you and your style:

1. Retro Motocross Cowhide Leather Jacket By Overland

The Retro Motocross Cowhide Leather Jacket By Overland is something that you won’t regret buying. This particular jacket has a unique eighties styled collar and sleeves and has a good fit to keep you looking stylish. The jacket also has an inner lining to keep you warm in colder weathers. The manufactures of this product have also paid special attention to the overall fit of the product, making this jacket look even better on anyone who wears it.


  • Lightweight

  • Good Quality Material

  • Genuine Full Grain Cowhide Leather

  • Long Lasting


  • Not Budget Friendly

2. Gage Bison Leather Vest with Concealed Carry Pockets

Because of how many brands are offering leather jackets on the market, it isn’t a surprise that you can get jackets in a wide range of styles and designs. If you are looking out for a sleeveless vest styled jacket, this is the product to go in for. The product comes in tan and is a great informal jacket to wear to any occasion. This classic style is something that a lot of people often look for when buying a jacket, and this particular product is surely something that fulfills that need. The jacket comes with multiple concealed pockets and zippers to keep all of your essentials safe. The jacket has an incredible fit, and is also comfortable to wear, even in warmer climates.


  • Concealed Pockets

  • Good Fit

  • Full Grain Cowhide Leather

  • Unique Style


  • Not Suitable For Colder Climates

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Buying From A Genuine Leather Jacket Brand

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to buy a good leather jacket is not buying it from the right brand. A lot of times, brands, especially the online ones, claims to offer high-end leather products even though they aren’t using the material that they claim to be. People often get duped when it comes to these products and are left with something that costs far less than what they paid for. Because of this, the best approach is to always buy leather products from a store that is well known and well reputed for their goods. Independence Brothers is one site that is mainly known for the high-quality leather jackets that they produce. This brand offers jackets that are made of the best leather, and which look and feel good. The look and feel of the product are enough to showcase that a great amount of work has gone into the production of the jackets that they put out.

Independence brother leather jackets


Finding a good full grain leather jacket is easy if you are familiar with the things that you need to be on the lookout for. Understanding the kind of leather that is used, and noting down all of its positive and negative aspects is something that can significantly improve the way you search for your jacket.

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