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With the cold weather fast approaching throughout regions of the United States, it is time for many of us to start swapping out the light jackets for the warm leather ones. If you are in need of a new leather jacket for this coming winter season and have limited time to choose, you are unsure of which to use from the various brands available to consumers, do not fret. With so many brands available to you, it can undoubtedly seem overwhelming when it comes to shopping for and finding a good quality leather jacket at a reasonable price. Motorcycle jacket, biker jacket, leather coat, shearling jacket, lamb leather, thin or thick leather, custom jacket - the options are endless. Purchasing a leather jacket can be considered an investment since good quality leather is meant to last for many years. In this buying guide, we are going to provide helpful information in order to assist you in selecting a good quality leather jacket that is not overly priced and that consists of the right fit for your specific body type. We will also provide you with our list of the best genuine leather jacket top brands. First, let us begin by discussing some important things to know before you purchase a leather jacket.

Things to Know Before Shopping For a Leather Jacket

For starters, there are various leather jacket styles to choose from; therefore having some knowledge on the different ones can help you decide which would be best for you based on fit and preference. Here are five of the most common leather jacket styles.

  • The Racer Jacket – This style of leather jacket has a band collar, center front zipper, as well as zippered pockets. It is rather simple in design which is why it can be worn with almost any outfit.

  • The Schott Perfecto This jacket is also known as a rider or double rider jacket. It is a classic style, double breasted jacket that is made in the United States with top of the line full grain leather. It commonly has an asymmetrical front zipper.

  • The A2 Flight Jacket – This particular style is often referred to as a bomber jacket and was originally a military designed pilot’s leather jacket. By tradition, these flight jackets are insulated in order to keep pilots warm when they are at high altitudes. They are usually cropped at the hips in order to increase comfort while sitting down. Additionally, the fur collar, ribbed cuffs and hems, and big front flap pockets contribute to its distinct style.

  • The MA1 Bomber – An MA1 bomber jacket is also originally a military design. It is traditionally made in nylon, but it is currently made in leather as well. This design is considered one of the most trendy casual jacket styles for men. Some of its signature details include a zipper pocket on the left sleeve, a ribbed collar, and slit pockets.

  • The Fencing Jacket – The most distinguishing detail on this jacket is its pockets, which are very asymmetrical and often have a distinct S-curve.

Types of Leather

Lambskin and cow leather are the two most common types used to create leather jackets. Cow leather has always been popular because of its durability. Lambskin is usually more expensive than cow leather due to the small size of the raw skins. Adding to that, lambskin is rather popular because it is particularly soft. Calfskin is a leather variety that is soft like lambskin, yet strong like cow leather. It is even more expensive than lambskin because a full grown cow provides more meat/skin than a baby cow. The most luxurious leathers are goat, bison, horse, deerskin/elk, and pig. Goat consists of a tight pebbly texture and is not as soft as lambskin. Bison is thick and tough with a distinguishing deep grain molding. Horse is a bit stiffer than cow, but it is very durable. Deerskin/elk is also very durable and its distinct feature is its yellow/orange tint. Designers will sometimes dye them brown or black. Lastly, pig consists of a variety of textures, all of which are durable. The most exotic and top of the line leathers are kangaroo and crocodile/alligator. Kangaroo leather is similar in appearance to cow leather, but it is much tougher and it is thinner. Crocodile/alligator leather consists of fairly huge large square and rectangular shaped tile moldings. They are extremely expensive, sometimes 20 times more expensive than lambskin and cow. Crocodile skins have small speckles on each square molding, whereas alligators do not.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Pro Tips

You may be surprised to know that a large majority of leather jackets, ranging from highly expensive to less expensive, are frequently made in the same factories. This begs the question, what makes a less expensive jacket so different from an expensive one? Well, the most important factor that contributes to the price of any leather jacket is the quality of the leather. Some leathers are re-worked with faux leather grains and top coated by manufacturers. It is usually fairly easy to tell the difference between these types and ones that are not altered since re-worked leather often has an overly smooth and plastic feel, whereas leather that has not been re-worked is soft, oily, and uneven textured.

Some other key details to pay attention to when shopping for a leather jacket are as follows:

  • Design Factors – Lower end leather jackets tend to be simpler as a whole. They don’t require as many pieces to cut, to line up, and to sew, therefore they are faster to make. Moreover, the less designs a jacket has, the cheaper it is to make.

  • Linings – Lower quality leather jackets tend to also have low quality synthetic linings. Naturally, these linings will not last as long since they tend to shred and tear easily. Good quality leather jackets normally have two linings; one for the sleeve and one for the body. Additionally, good quality lining is made of breathable material.

  • Armholes/Sleeves – Cheaper jackets tend to have bigger and lower armholes in order to accommodate more body types. When designers do this, it is often to obtain more sales. It is similar to the mass production motto. Good quality leather jackets will have higher armholes, thus allowing for comfortable arm movement and a better fit overall.

  • Top Stitching – Some designers cut costs by utilizing regular, thin thread and/or cutting back on the amount of top stitching. They sometimes eliminate it all together.

  • Zippers –High quality leather jackets are often made with two way zippers in order to increase comfort when you are sitting down. Two way zippers allow you to unzip the jacket from both the bottom and the top. A large majority of leather jackets are made with YKK zippers, but very high end jackets often have RiRi zippers or custom-made, heavy duty zippers that are less likely to break in comparison to YKK zippers.


Custom made leather jacket

Our List of Best Leather Jacket Brands and Reviews of Each One

  1.     Independence Brothers – This Company prides itself on providing high quality custom fitted leather jackets at a reasonable price. All of their jackets are made of real full grain leather and age well. What sets Independence Brothers apart from other brands is that they walk you through a measurement-taking process in order to ensure that your jacket is the perfect fit for your body type.
  2.     Lusso Leather – This company is known for its handmade leather jackets and its custom tailored leather jackets. They provide you with a digital illustration after you communicate the details of your desired jacket, and then they choose the leather that is best suited for your jacket design. After this, a pattern drafting is created using your body measurements and then the construction process begins. More specific customizations, such as logo patches, embroidery, and graphics printing are completed after the construction process. Once the customizations are complete, a quality check is completed and photos are sent to you before the jacket is sent.
  3.     Rudsak – Launched in 1994 and home to a selection of the finest leathers and skilled handiwork of trained craftspeople for 20 plus years, “Rudsak has been anchored by a rebellious spirit”. Their designs are edgy and made to promote self-expression and individuality.
  4.     Oceandrive Leather – This small family business of accomplished designers and makers of fine leather wear has been a leader in cutting edge leather fashion in Vancouver for more than 15 years. Their main focus is on the art of tailoring and fit and they work one on one with each of their customers in order to create a unique piece.
  5.     The Jacket Maker – This Company’s unique edge is their blend of futuristic and traditional structure. They are an ecommerce business, yet they still have an in-depth process of consultation, taking precise measurements, creating unique patters, and offering a wide variety of fabric options to customers.
Leather jacket brands

Our Closing Thoughts

Now that we have discussed some of the most important things that you should know before commencing the shopping process, it is fairly safe to say that you are now well informed and ready to make the best leather moto jacket purchase decision for yourself and update your collection of jackets. Our list of best leather jacket Canadian brands as well as our reviews of each one serves as a great shopping start for any consumer, but we also recommend that you shop around too. Since this is an article of clothing that is meant to last you for many years to come, it is best to seek as many options as possible and then select from those at the top of your personal preference list. Let us know what you think of this article and feel free to share it with others if you liked it and found it helpful.

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April 15, 2019

All of their jackets are made of real full grain leather and age well. What sets Independence Brothers apart from other brands is that they walk you through a measurement keep it up guys well done…..

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