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October 11, 2022 4 min read

by April Quibido

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Wearing black has been the hottest topic in men's fashion for years. When asked what color they can wear for the remainder of their lives, eight or maybe even nine times out of ten people will say "black."

Just about everyone looks nicer in black than any other shade. Thus, in this post, we will discuss how to wear a black shirt, how to pair it with other fashion items, and everything else you should know about styling a black shirt.

Styling A Black Shirt

You don't have to worry about mixing and matching because black goes with everything. Whenever it comes to styling a black shirt into a chic look, the options are unlimited.

More importantly, when you wear black, you have a large selection of accessories to pick from. You can wear anything from a gold watch to a brightly colored scarf.

Black shirt with grey formal pants

According to male fashion experts, light and dark colors can complement one another. Given this, what could be better than a black top and its own gradients on the bottom?

Here is where a black top and grey pants outfit will help you look well altogether. Enjoy a style that mixes simple black shirts with charcoal grey or mild grey pants.

You can opt for a simple shirt or a checked black shirt pattern; either will look well on you. This combination will make you look sleek, and the folded sleeves will nicely add to the allure.

Black shirt with a blazer

Combine a blazer with a black casual shirt for a comfortably neat look. When it comes to classic elegance, this combo does not disappoint. This combo illustrates how a simple look can nevertheless be eye-catching.

Wear this look with black suede loafers to smoothly enhance the fashion element of your outfit. You can even go for a more refined style by completing with light brown leather oxford shoes.

Black shirt with rugged jeans

Make a black shirt and blue ripped jeans your wardrobe pick if you're looking for comfort and functionality in menswear. This combination is attractive while keeping relaxed and ready for everything.

Complement this appearance with a pair of black suede Chelsea boots for a more refined look. Low-top shoes, on the other hand, are sure to add a casual-neat appeal to this combination.

Black shirt with a leather jacket

For an attire that's deserving of a modern fashionable fella and flawlessly neat, wear a leather jacket with a black shirt underneath. Combining the two pieces will allow you to show off your ability to match outfits.

Add a pair of black leather informal boots to the equation for a more polished touch. Alternatively, go the extra mile and level up your look with dark brown oxford boots.

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Choosing The Right Black Shirt

It's pretty hard to go wrong with a black shirt. However, it is still possible to choose the wrong shirt and ruin your entire outfit.

Recognizing your measurements can assist you in finding the perfect black shirt. It might not appear to be a big problem, but getting the perfect fit for your black shirt may make or break your style.

After determining which fit is best for you, you may continue to select the appropriate fabric. Cotton and polyester composites are among the most popular men's shirt fabrics. It's a nice-looking alternative that won't break the bank.

As previously stated, you can wear a black shirt with a leather jacket. However, you should not just pick any jacket to pair with the black shirt. It's just as important to find the right leather jacket for your look as it is to find the right shirt.

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How to style a black shirt

Final Thoughts

Certainly, the best thing about a black man's shirt is how versatile it is. Generally speaking, with the correct styling and combination, you can easily rock the shirt and wear it for events as casual as a movie night with friends or a dance party at the local club.

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