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July 11, 2022 4 min read

by April Quibido

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The best thing about leather jackets is that they never run out of style and go well with just about anything, including jeans. How to style leather jackets with jeans? Well, no matter what unwritten rules you hear, the bottom line is that you have to get go for the attire that you’ll feel comfortable strutting wherever you go.

Your final look will also depend on where you will be sporting the combo. Are you going somewhere casual and relaxed, or is it a formal event you are headed out to?

Let me help you with this fashion dilemma as I try to uncover the many ways to style leather jackets with jeans.

Ways to Style Leather Jackets for a Casual Everyday Look

Leather jackets are considered classic in men's and women's fashion. However, you need to invest in high-quality pieces with styles that will remain classy in the years to come.

Before becoming a staple piece of fashion, these jackets were practical garments in the latter part of the 19th century up to the 20th century. You would typically see these jackets worn by riders and bikers not essentially for fashion but to provide warmth and insulation while riding.

These jackets were also worn by the "bad boys" of the road who love riding their big bikes to the mountains at ludicrous speeds. The jackets kept them looking cool while protecting their clothes at the same time.

Time has evolved, and you can now wear leather jackets to casual events. Here are some tips on how you can sport the jacket for an everyday look:

  • Wear it in layers

A brown leather jacket looks good when worn over a hoodie. You can also top a simple plain shirt with a suede jacket that is close-fitting with suede lines.

  • Sport a worn-in fashion

You can wear a worn-in leather jacket for a casual look. Some leather jackets acquire the look from an artificially distressing process, and others naturally get the look through time. You can wear this kind of jacket with a dark-toned sweater and a pair of cuffed jeans.

  • Go all-black

A black leather blazer will look sophisticated with black pumps or boots and black leather pants.

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Styling Tips on How to Wear Leather Jackets with Jeans

Jeans and leather jackets can make a fashion statement, which can be a disaster if you are not careful with the pairing.

Consider the following tips when pairing the two:

  1. You can wear a brown jacket with a belt matched with jeans with a light brown hue for an everyday stylish look.
  2. If you want to go casual, you can pair any jeans with a brown leather jacket in suede over a plain white shirt.
  3. When the weather is cold, you can sport a bulky leather jacket worn over a turtleneck shirt paired with jeans.
  4. You can wear a suede moto jacket over a hooded sweater in the office when the weather is cold. Pair it with any jeans, and you're good to go.
  5. If the weather is warm, get easy on the clothing you'll wear inside the jacket. Go for a white breathable polo shirt and top it with a less bulky-looking leather jacket.
  6. You can layer the jacket with a sweater and pair them with a pair of casual pants or navy chinos.
  7. You can wear a black motorcycle leather jacket and jeans combo no matter the season.

What to Buy?

Before spending too much time thinking about styling, ensure you have leather jackets that won't go out of fashion.

  • As long as you have black and brown leather jackets, you're okay.
  • The other colors can be a good addition, but if you are only beginning to buy one, start with black and brown.
  • Some novelty jackets may look good, but they won't last looking the same for quite a time. They may lose the X-factor after wearing them repeatedly.
  • It's safer to go for a jacket made of high-quality leather.
  • If you want the style of your jacket to be classic, go for these two safest options: vintage and modern.
  • Vintage is bulkier and has a looser fit.
  • Modern looks sleeker and has a tighter fit.
Relevant features
  • You can choose leather jackets that will suit your lifestyle or the climate in the place where you live.
  • If you live where the weather is often cold, you can choose a jacket with a natural insulating lining, such as shearling, fur, or wool.
How To Style Leather Jackets with Jeans


So, have you decided on what leather jacket will look perfect when paired with jeans? Can you already envision yourself wearing the combo?

I'd like to hear if the article was helpful. Let me know what else you want to learn about the proper styling of leather jackets.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Also, share this article if you think you know anyone who would benefit from the tips mentioned above.

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