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July 14, 2022 3 min read

by April Quibido

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Leather jackets are classic fashion items. They have a fantastic and chic look to them that will make any outfit look more edge. However, leather jackets are considered to be one-dimensional because it's hard to style for semi casual and formal wear.

Now, how do you choose a versatile leather jacket for all occasions? Find out here!

Tips on How to Choose a Versatile Leather Jacket

These tips will guide you on how to choose a versatile leather jacket:

Find the Right Fit

The fit of your leather jacket will significantly affect its versatility. A good-fitting leather jacket must be slightly snug around your shoulder and chest areas, while the sleeves should end at the bend of your wrist. The rule of the thumb is that the jacket must feel like a second skin but not to the extent where it would affect your range of motion.

Suppose you find it almost impossible to find a leather jacket that fits your body perfectly. In that case, you might want to consider getting a custom fit. It's a fool-proof method of getting a perfectly fitted leather jacket that can be styled for any occasion and used for all seasons.

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Go for Genuine Leather

Another way of making your leather jacket look versatile is by choosing the right type of leather. When shopping, you'll commonly encounter two types of leather; faux leather and genuine leather.

Although faux leather jackets are more affordable, they do not offer the same type of comfort as genuine leather, especially when you use it during warmer months. Besides that, the texture can also be harsh on your skin, causing irritation.

If you want a leather jacket that will look good for a long period of time and you can use it for all seasons, then you should go for genuine leather. In addition, genuine leather tends to be of higher quality. This means that it is more resistant to harsh environments such as snow, sleet, humidity, and rain. At the same time, although genuine leather is more expensive, you'll get more value for your money because it will last for a longer period.


Choose a Versatile Color

Choosing a leather jacket with a unique color is nice. However, that also makes it difficult to pair with other outfits in your wardrobe. Since it's memorable, you'd look like your style revolves around just one fashion item.

The classic colors of leather jackets are brown, red, and black. Among these colors, the most versatile would probably be black. Black can be paired with almost any color palette, whether for dark or pastel-colored outfits. This color is also easy to style regardless if it's just a casual day or you're going to a formal outfit party.

a versatile leather jacket

Final Words

It's easy to think that leather jackets are hard to style. However, you can pick a vertical leather jacket that you can use for all-weather and occasions. Just remember the tips mentioned above to find the most suitable one for your style and body type.

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