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November 04, 2019 11 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Independence Brothers is not affiliated with Hugo Bossand the opinions expressed here are my own.

What is Hugo Boss?

Whether you have just delved into the world of leather and fashion or are a longtime fan, there is a high chance that you have heard of Hugo Boss. The clothing and accessories company was established roughly 95 years ago, in 1924.

Hugo Boss has quite a history. It is a German luxury fashion house that was found by its namesake, Hugo Boss. When it was first conceived, it was a general-purpose clothing company. Then, World War II came around. As what happens with many companies during major wars, efforts were turned to support the country. Hugo Boss employed forced laborers and French prisoners of war during this time, and they afterward made contributions to the international fund set up to compensate former forced laborers. In World War II, Hugo Boss produced and sold Nazi uniforms and German government wartime clothing.

After the war, Hugo Boss shifted its focus from uniforms to men’s suits. They were still a private company, and they stayed as such until 1988, when they went public. That same year, they also introduced a fragrance line, becoming more than a clothing store and branching out. By 1997, they added men’s and women’s diffusion line. Hugo Boss continued to expand. In 2000, they had a full women’s collection, and they added children’s clothing to the mix a few years after.

Currently, Hugo Boss is headquartered in Metzingen, Germany. They have around 15,000 employees and more than 1,100 retail stores worldwide. Their website where you can make online purchases is at

How do I purchase a Hugo Boss product?

There are two ways you can purchase a Hugo Boss product: in-store, or in-person. As there are over 1,100 Hugo Boss retail stores worldwide, you can easily check to the locations.

If you do want to purchase a Hugo Boss leather jacket and you are not near any of their physical locations, you can also go online to their website. The original Hugo Boss site is in German, which you can go through and use Google translate if you do not understand the language. If you are shopping from the United States however you can use the US site, which is Once there, you can navigate among all of the product options to where you want to go. The top of the page has Men’s and Ladies sections that you can click on. From there, you can click on the subcategories to find the jacket section. You can also hover over the Clothing section and click on Jackets and Coats. Once you get to the jackets section, you can see there are a lot of jacket options: raincoats, down jackets, and formal coats, to name a few. And of course, there is our favorite type of outerwear - leather jackets. Click on that and begin to browse. In addition, you type “leather jacket” into the search bar to see what comes up.

Hugo Boss Leather Jacket

From there, ordering a leather jacket is easy and follows standard online shopping. When you find a jacket that you like, you can add it to your shopping bag, and then check out when you are done. You have two options: you can get the jacket sent to a Hugo Boss store where you can pick it up in person, or you can get it shipped to you. If you get the jacket sent to the store, you have 21 days to pick up your purchase. If you choose to get it shipped to you, Hugo Boss offers free standard shipping to anyone in the United States. Standard shipping means the jacket will get to you within 5-7 business days. There is also the next day and express day shipping options, but you will have to pay the shipping costs for a faster jacket arrival.

What is I have an issue with my order?

If your leather jacket arrives and you do not like the product, Hugo Boss also offers free returns from their online store. The company provides a free pre-paid shipping label that is included with the original order. You can also return your leather jacket to a local non-outlet Hugo Boss store location.

In order to be eligible for free return shipping, your leather jacket must be new, unworn, unwashed, and unaltered. It has to be in a resalable condition with the original tags attached from the online store. You have 30 days from your delivery date to return the item.

While you can make returns if you make an in-store purchase as well, you cannot have a crossover between the two. In-store purchases must be returned in-store as well. Hug Boss also notes that if you personalized your jacket in any way, those items cannot be returned, changed, or canceled once the order has been placed. You can also exchange your item. Exchanges are processed as returns and then you can place a new order for a replacement jacket.

Hugo Boss leather jackets

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What if I have other comments, questions, or concerns?

Hugo Boss has a customer service team dedicated to any questions, comments, or concerns that their customers have. You can go to their Customer Service section here and contact their team. There is an FAQ’s section there that answer many of the question - such as cleaning questions and ones about returns. If you find that not all of your questions are answered, you can email or call the company. Their email address is You can also call their customer service line and 1-800484-6267. This line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hugo Boss also has an online form on their site that you can fill out with the ability to give detailed information. There is also a chatbox on the actual site, which appears once you get to the Hugo Boss site. While that may not be the best outlet for any complaints, if you have any questions, it is likely a quick and easy way to get that answered. Their customer service site alludes to hasty responses and availability at all times in order to fix any issues.

How to buy a leather jacket

Having a Hugo Boss leather jacket

Hugo Boss has many different options for men’s and women’s jackets. Each jacket is made with different types of real leather and is made ready to wear. The prices of the jackets are a bit more on the expensive side and tend to range between $650 - over $4,000. Hugo Boss is a company steeped in history and luxury, so buying one of their jackets is definitely an investment from a consumer standpoint.

At the time of this writing, Hugo Boss had 18 jacket options under men’s leather jackets, and 7 under women’s. A few things that are important to note is that not all jackets, although they come up under the leather jacket search, are actual leather jackets. One of the men’s jackets only had leather trim, but because of the presence of leather, it came up. Be sure to keep that in mind when seeing how many jackets are available. The jackets are split into Hugo and Boss jackets.


Why are the jackets split into HUGO and BOSS?

Back in 2018, Hugo Boss split its two names into two separate brands. The two were meant to cover every wearing occasion.



Boss is a brand that offers sophisticated, modern collections. They focus on quality and design to create an impeccable look. They focus on modern-day living and fast-paced modern lifestyles in their clothing. Their menswear is stated to have reached icon status for their tailoring and now includes athleisure and casual pieces. Their women’s line has evening wear, business, and casual attire. If you purchase a Boss jacket, it is sure to be modern yet casual.



The Hugo collection seems to allow the consumer to take their own approach to style, with tailoring and casual pieces that have a fashion-forward attitude. The pieces from this collection are bolder and make statements.

With that background in mind, let’s highlight some of the jackets that we saw on the site:



  1. Leather jacket in lamb nappa with zipped sleeves - this Boss brand jacket comes in both black and dark blue. It is crafted in lamb nappa leather with a polyester lining. This regular-fit jacket features angled zippered chest pockets, zippers at the sleeves for biker style, and hidden press-stud closures at the side pockets. It has a stand collar, which enhances the clean lines of the coat.
  2. Regular-fit blouson jacket in nappa leather - this jacket is from the Boss collection is a regular fit jacket made of lamb nappa leather and polyester lining. It comes in dark red and black and has a silhouette cut. There are zipped cuffs, a two-way front zipper, and a stand collar with a snap fastener. There are also studded tabs that allow the wearer to have an adjustable fit at the hem. Boss branded the rear neck of the jacket with its badge, and the jacket is short lengthed.



  1. Relaxed-fit jacket in mixed leathers with asymmetric zip - this Boss brand leather jacket comes in black and is described as a comfort fit. It is a lamb leather jacket with cupro lining. The has a zip-up front with two outside pockets - one button and one zipper. There is a collar as well as a belt near the waistline.
  2. Regular-fit tailored jacket in plonge leather - this Boss brand leather jacket comes in light brown. It is a regular fit jacket described as a contemporary jacket by BOSS Womenswear, crafted in leather with a plongé treatment for rich color and a luxurious feel. This jacket has no front zipper, but a concealed closure for the fastening top as well as a double vent. It is fully cupro lined for easy layering and made with lamb leather. It is a single-breasted jacket and features a hidden closure, flap pockets and notch lapels for a minimalist look. This jacket is part of the Fall/Winter BOSS Curated collection, first revealed on the New York Fashion Week runway.
  3. Collarless jacket with hook fastenings - this jacket is one that has a very different look from many leather jackets. As you can see from the jacket name, it is collarless, making it a different kind of a leather jacket statement. It is a Boss brand jacket that comes in black and has been created in butter-soft lambskin and fully lined for comfort. Made for a regular fit, this collarless jacket is shaped with flattering cutlines and features side-entry pockets. Boss designed it to be worn open for a feminine silhouette. However, this versatile jacket can also be closed with the hook fastenings - a hook and eye closure - for a more formal finish.
  4. Lamb-leather biker jacket with removable fringing - this jacket resembles some classic biker jackets, along with a vintage twist. It is a Hugo collection jacket, which is evident in how different it is in style compared to the first three. It is made of lamb leather with polyester lining and comes in black. Cut to a regular fit, this distinctive biker jacket is designed with trend-driven fringing at the sleeves, which can be zipped on and off for versatile styling. It has an asymmetric front zipper, multiple pockets, and branded press studs. It is also finished with a silky lining, meant for effortless layering.
Women's leather jacket

How do I care for my Hugo Boss leather jacket?

Most of the Hugo Boss leather jackets - whether they are part of the Hugo collection or the Boss collection - require the same cleaning care. The jackets cannot be washed, bleached, tumble dried, or ironed, and the site recommends professional leather dry cleaning for when you do need to get your jacket clean. If you are investing in a Hugo Boss leather jacket, giving it the utmost care for longevity is the way to go.

Pros and Cons of a Hugo Boss leather jacket

The reviews for Hugo Boss seem to be very consistent. When you purchase a Hugo Boss jacket, you are purchasing it for the brand name. We started this article by mentioning that you may already know the Hugo Boss name, even if you are not into the fashion world. It is a brand that is relatively well known and steeped in history and luxury.

Many of the reviewers who purchased a Hug Boss jacket stated that the jacket was decent enough. It did not wow them or make them fall in love. The surprise came from the material. For those of you who are deep in the world of leather, or perhaps if you have read posts of ours about other jackets, you may know or have gathered that there are many different types of leather. It comes from different animals, but also has different grains. The kind of grain in the leather dictates the durability, thickness, softness, and heaviness of your jacket. The Hugo Boss leather is 100% lamb leather, but reviewers have stated that it falls in the genuine leather category. As a result, it is soft, thin leather and very delicate. This means that it is not that durable and prone to ripping, and it falls in the third category of leather. Reviewers state that for the money that you are paying, they would expect better quality, leading to the conclusion that you are paying for the brand name.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Choosing a Hugo Boss jacket

Choosing a jacket boils down to a few key things from you, the leather jacket buyer and wearer: style, needs, and price tag. While it may sound like three points that have been heard before, it is important to consider and reiterate before purchasing your leather jacket:

The first thing to consider is your needs and here, it blends with style. If you have come to our site, it has likely been established that a leather jacket falls within your needs. Hugo Boss does not have much in the ways of being able to customize your jacket - they are all ready-to-wear and do not have free tailoring included (as do other Hugo Boss products). If you are more of a customizable, bespoke leather jacket wearer, this company may not be for you. Hugo Boss also does not have many leather jacket options to choose from, which limits your options when it comes to purchasing. While the jacket seems to be made for layering, it does not have much in so far as being available for different weather types and seems to be more of a fall jacket.

The final, big element to consider is your budget. Are you able to spend money on the higher-priced jackets, or do you need to stay in the lower dollar range? Hugo Boss jackets come at a high price tag, for what seems to be lesser quality. Regardless of where you purchase your leather jacket, it is still a financial investment for you to be making. This one may not be a good one if you want to put your money into something that lasts longer. If, however, you are able to afford the higher price tag and the name of Hugo Boss means a lot for you to wear, then it could be the jacket for you.

Hugo Boss Leather Jacket


We feel strongly about leather jackets here and about what they can do for you as a person. With Hugo Boss being a well-known company, we hope this article helps you elevate your leather jacket purchasing experience if you end up buying one of theirs. At the end of the day, you are the person purchasing this extension of yourself. Do the research and read reviews. Compare styles, cuts, and comfort. Find what works best for you, what you can see yourself wearing many days throughout the year. See how your budget and fashion style fits with your needs. Whether you purchase a Hugo Boss leather jacket or an Independence Brothers leather jacket, you need to make sure it is the best version of yourself in that jacket.

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