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October 25, 2019 7 min read

by Sarah Makhluf

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Every year the cooler weather rolls in, the leaves start to change, and summer unfortunately leaves us. While it may be sad to see the sun go, the cold air also means it's time to pull out our best leather jackets. This essential top layer should become a staple in your everyday wardrobe. Men of all ages can rock a leather jacket. No matter what your style or size is, the right leather jacket is out there for you. Read on for the top trends of 2021, how to choose the best jacket for you, and what makes a leather jacket unique.

What makes a leather jacket cool?

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a 'cool' leather jacket is one that makes you feel like a million bucks. Leather jackets are cool by default. Thanks to the founding fathers of leather jackets like Marlon Brando and James Dean, just putting on a leather jacket will give you an attitude boost.

How should it fit?

A leather jacket should be comfortable enough to throw on and go. They are a no-fuss article of clothing. That's what helped make them famous. The fit should be somewhat slim but never too tight. An oversized leather jacket may feel a bit more comfortable, but believe us when we say don't do it. A leather jacket that's too big will look cheap and unflattering on almost every body type.

Color Trends in 2021

With the fall season well underway and winter creeping up, it's officially leather jacket season. Like every year, leather jackets are on top of all the most trendy fall/winter must-haves lists. From classic colors to bold, bright shades, how do you know which will best suit your needs? Learn which colors are the most popular for this season, and how to decide which color works best for you.

  • Black: While it may not be considered 'trendy' black is, of course, the most popular. Chances are it will always be the most desired color for a leather jacket for men. 2021 is no exception. We have seen a plethora of new sleek black leather jackets hitting the shelves.
  • Reddish Brown: This season is bringing more warm, earthy toned browns with a tinge of red. Colors have been popping up very similar to the one that Leonardo Di Caprio wore in the Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The slightly red-toned leather jacket Leo wore in the film was an ode to the 60s, but the color works just as well in 2021.
  • Gray: It's suddenly '50 Shades' in the leather jacket world. Lighter and darker toned grays have proven to be one of 2021's most popular leather jacket colors for men. Many of the most popular styles, like the moto and racer jackets, are now coming in shades of gray along with the classic black and brown.
How to choose a leather jacket

How to Choose the Best Color for You

Before making any rash decisions, first, consider what you are using your new jacket for. How do you want it to make you feel? How often do you want to wear it? In most cases, it will be a pricey purchase, so before you shell out make sure your color selection is on point.

  • Neutral Colors: All different variations of your blacks, browns, grays, and camels will fall under the neutral category. These colors will go with just about anything. As long as your shoes and belt are coordinated, you really can't go wrong with a great stable neutral.


Who is it best for?

Anyone who doesn't already own a leather jacket. It's great for anyone who wants to get a lot of wear out of it because these colors are effortless to mix and match with the clothes you already own.

  • Bright Colors: Dark and light reds, yellows, blues, and greens are popular this fall season. Keep in mind that a bright jacket may clash with some of your wardrobe, so take into consideration it won't be an everyday jacket. A colorful jacket is perfect for a weekend dinner, night out, concert, or festival.


Who is it best for?

Someone who wants to stand out from the crowd should go for a loud, bold, bright leather jacket. Or someone who already owns a neutral leather jacket and is looking for a more unique one.

How to style a leather jacket

What style will look best on my body?

Did you know that the color and style of your leather jacket may have a massive impact on how it looks on your body? Dressing for your body type is crucial to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Men who are more petite should consider a bomber style leather jacket. The hem is cut higher than other traditional styles and will help elongate the leg. For taller guys, try going for a moto jacket. Men with a longer torso will look slim and sleek in a tailored moto jacket.

How to style a leather jacket: three styles for everyday life

  1. Casual Cool - Try pairing your moto jacket with a pair of slim-cut light wash jeans. This will give off the relaxed, chilled out vibe that comes along with a leather jacket but still make it seem like you put in effort in getting dressed in the morning.
  2. Work Appropriate - Depending on where you work, wear your leather jacket into the office every day. A sleek leather blazer will give your co-workers' style envy. Wear it with a pair of slim-cut slacks, and your go-to work outfit is complete.
  3. Weekend Vibes - Wear your biker jacket when you are ready to have fun on the weekend. No matter where you go, be sure you look your best doing it. Perfect for a date, dinner, drinks, or a party.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

List of 10 leather jackets

  1. Classic Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket by Schott

Arguably more American than apple pie, the Schott Perfecto is the U.S. sourced, drum-dyed, hand-cut famous jacket that so many of us know and love. Did you know they were the first company to sew in a zipper on a leather jacket? The Perfecto was inspired by the motorcycle world over a half a century ago but somehow has not lost an ounce of its wow factor since its launch.


  1. Memphis Lambskin Leather Bomber Moto Jacket by Overland

If you're looking to stay warm this winter, this one's for you. The classic fit bomber is made from top-grain hand-waxed lambskin. The leather is ultra-soft and comes with a high collar to help block out harsh winds.

Custom made leather jacket
  1. The Cafe Racer by The Independence Brothers

Made from soft lightweight calfskin, the racer jacket is built to last. It's easy to throw on, matches everything, and feels buttery soft to the touch. Our jackets at IB are fully customizable. Choose which color, lining, and hardware to make your Cafe Racer stand out from the crowd. Plus, it's pretty cool knowing you had a say in the design.


  1. Castle Leather Jacket by AllSaints

This one is an AllSaints signature collection piece. The jacket is equipped with four front flap pockets giving it a more unique and edgy look compared to others on the list. If you get a little extra chilly, the sheepskin collar will keep you toasty. If that's not your vibe, though, it easily snaps off. It's a slim fit and made from some of the softest leather you can find.


  1. Quilted Leather Down Jacket by Ralph Lauren

Have you ever seen a leather puffer jacket? It was a first for me, so I couldn't help myself but to include it on the list. Ralph Lauren gave the classic leather jacket a cold weather makeover. This one comes in that reddish-brown color we mentioned above. It's made with duck down, so you know it will be super warm in the winter months.


  1. Leather Moto Jacket by Levi's

If you're looking for a classic motorcycle style jacket in black at a more budget-friendly price, this one from Levi's is a great option. It comes in six sizes and will flatter men with all different shapes and sizes.


  1. Men's Leather Racer Jacket in Navy by Marc New York

For anyone who is a bit tired of the regular black and brown, a navy leather jacket is a great way to mix things up without being over the top. The racer jacket is a slim fit and comes with two chest zipper pockets. To amp up an everyday casual look, this blue jacket is your new go-to.


  1. Dark Green Leather Bomber Jacket With 'Artist Stripe' Lining by Paul Smith

Didn't get enough pop of color with the navy blue jacket we mentioned above? Check out this green one from Paul Smith. The British fashion designer is known for making bold statements, and he did just that with this forest green bomber jacket. The fun doesn't stop at the dark green outer shell. The lining is bright blue, and the inside cuffs have a colorful trim.


  1. BOSS Men's Leather Biker Jacket by Hugo Boss

The fully lined sheepskin leather jacket is cut to a slim fit, making it extra flattering on taller guys. It's not your average biker jacket though, this one has quilted panels at the shoulders, elbows and lower back, chunky zippers and crinkle-effect lining to give it a little bit of an edge.


  1. Hooded Reversible Leather Trainer Jacket by Coach

A leather jacket with a hood. While it's not unheard of, it's not something you see every day. However, seeing the words leather jacket and reversible in the same sentence was a new one, for me at least. This jacket by Coach is equipped with a drawstring hood, kangaroo pockets, and it's completely reversible. The leather side reverses to a camouflage print. While both sides are not made of leather, Coach gets some points here for uniqueness.

Leather jacket fashion

Thanks so much for reading. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments about leather jackets. What was your favorite one on the list? Are you planning to buy a new one for the 2021 season? If so, let us know. For me, this one was a blast to write. As someone with a self-proclaimed but very real passion for fashion, learning about new trends and remembering old classics is always a pleasure. I hope you learned a thing or two from this read. If you did enjoy it, please pass it along to friends, family, and fashion lovers.

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