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October 24, 2019 11 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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Independence Brothers is not affiliated with Lusso Leather and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Lusso Leather - Who Are They?

Lusso Leather is a Canadian based company that specializes in custom leather jackets. They are known for not only their custom made leather clothing but their handmade jackets as well. They have many other leather clothing products: leather vests and pants, varsity letterman jackets, suede jackets, belts, and leather bags. Their custom jacket section is the highlight of their products which you can tell when you go to their website. You can get not only custom jacket but a variety of other custom items, such as:

  1. Custom motorcycle leather jackets
  2. Custom leather racing suit
  3. Custom wool jackets
  4. Custom overcoats
  5. Custom sheepskin shearling fur jackets
  6. Custom varsity letterman jackets
  7. Custom denim jackets
  8. Custom parka jackets
  9. Custom leather bags

As a company that is known for its bespoke products and their leather clothing, getting a customjacket is a wonderful combination of the two. We love custom leather jackets because they allow you, as the jacket wearer, to add that extra touch and personalization to your purchase. You are invested more in your custom jacket purchase and shine through your fashion because your jacket is unique to you.

The unique aspect of Lusso Leather is that all of their jackets are custom made. On their website, you can click on either “men” or “women.” once that happens, the site brings you to a list of jackets for each type.


The men’s jackets are boasted as being smooth and durable, with the finest leather and tailoring. Some of the options are:

Men's leather jackets
  1. Classic biker style jacket with epaulets -This classic jacket is made with 100% top grain lambskin leather and has a polyester lining. There are three zipped pockets as well as shoulder epaulets. The notch lapels also have press studs on them.
  2. Quilted biker leather jacket -This jacket has a heavier duty look to it. There are two pockets on the inside of this quilted biker leather jacket as well as three zipped pockets on the outside. The sleeves are streamlined for a more flattering flit. The streamlined sleeves also help slim the arms. The zippers on the outside are available in gold, silver, brass, and black.
  3. Plain black jacket with straight collar -This jacket is a plain black genuine leather jacket that has straight collars. It has two front zipper pockets as well as two side zipper pockets. There is a straight stitching pattern on the arms and shoulders of the jacket, giving it a classic black leather jacket look.
  4. Plain black moto-style jacket -This moto-style jacket has a round collar and two pockets. It is a genuine leather jacket made with lambskin leather and polyester lined on the inside.
  5. Mercado’s quilted biker leather jacket with a waist belt -The Mercado’s quilted biker leather jacket is made with 100% full grain premium lambskin leather. It has a lining that is 100% polyester and a collar that has notch lapels with press studs. There is a gold side zipper for closure and the jacket has three zipper pockets as well as a coin pocket.
  6. Slim fit style jacket with belt -This leather jacket is a plain biker leather jacket. It has two functional zipped pockets and a coin pocket. In addition, there are shoulder epaulets and notch lapels with press studs.
  7. Black leather jacket with straight ribbed collar -This jacket is made of black genuine leather and has a straight, ribbed collar. The hem and cuffs of the jacket are also ribbed.
  8. Boyd’s rust leather jacket with ribbed cuffs -This rust leather jacket brings a deep rich color that is different from the black leather jackets. The outside is made with 100% top grain lambskin leather with a polyester lining. The leather type is premium aniline and the jacket has a zipper closure. The collar is shirt type with two outside pockets. This jacket has a ribbed waist and cuffs on the sleeves.
  9. Hawworths moto-style leather jacket with patterned sleeves -The outer shell of this moto-style jacket is made with 100% top grain lambskin leather. The inside is 100% polyester lining with zipper closure. The collar is a round buttoned collar and there are four pockets on the outside. There is ribbed detailing on the sleeves as well as the waist for a more flattering fit.
  10. Bohemian leather jacket with tribal hand-embroidered fabric - The outer shell of this jacket is made with 100% top grain lambskin leather. The inner shell is 100% polyester lining. It has a zipper closure and notch lapels collar. There are two outside functional pockets, and the hand-embroidered fabric goes down the sleeves.
Women's leather jackets


The women’s jackets are described as soft and stylish, meant to “make women shine.” the Lusso Leather jacket collection is prided as fashion-forward and top of the line. Lusso states that they only use the highest quality products, and here are some of the style options:

  1. Women’s stylish tan brown leather jacket with quilted patches -This jacket is a stylish, loose collar leather jacket. It has a quilt stitching pattern on the shoulders and arms and two zipper pockets. It’s made with lambskin leather and has a polyester lining.
  2. Hailey biker jacket with double lapels -This jacket is a black classic biker leather style jacket. It has double notch lapels and an asymmetrical zipper lining, as well as two zipper pockets.
  3. Meredith’s biker style jacket with side zipper -This biker style jacket is made with 100% top grain lambskin leather and is lined with polyester. They have a zipper closure and the collar is a lapel collar is buttons. There are three zipper pockets on the outside for more treasure pocket space to keep things in.
  4. Ayla’s biker style jacket with side zipper -This jacket is shown in a deep maroon color so that it stands out from the usual black leather jackets. It has a side zipper closure and two zipper pockets. The collar has notch lapels, and the jacket is 100% polyester on the inside and 100% lambskin leather on the outside. There is piping on the shoulders and arms, giving that part of the jacket an added different and stylish element.
  5. Women’s biker style jacket with collar belt - This women’s biker style jacket is made of genuine leather that has two zipper pockets. It is double-breasted with notch lapels and an asymmetrical zipper and has the distinctive collar belt setting it apart.
  6. Women’s blue biker leather jacket -The same way we loved the rust leather jacket on the med and the maroon jacket mentioned above for the women, this biker leather jacket is fun because it is blue, standing out in a mostly black jacket world. Other than the color, the other characteristics of this jacket are similar to other jackets. It has notch lapels and two zipper pockets and is made with top-grain lambskin leather and pure polyester lining.

Lusso Leather gives brief descriptions of each of their jackets, but you as the consumer are not limited by it. Each jacket, they explain, is custom made to order. Every part of the jacket can be customized to your liking, even if it differs from the description. Their jackets are listed as being made of 100% top grain lambskin leather. However, if you choose advanced customization when ordering, which is an option for every single jacket, you can get the jacket in any type of leather of your choosing. Lusso Leather has over 30 colors and prints of leather to choose from. You can even get jackets with a splash of color.

This also applies to the lining fabric and the color of the jacket. While most jacket descriptions state that it is 100% polyester lining, you have creative freedom with that as well. Linings are available in almost any solid color. In addition to that, they have striped and checkered pattern linings available as well.

Customized leather jacket

Their customizing expands to the details of the jacket as well. Lusso Leather tells its consumers that if there is something that you love about the jacket but there is an element that bothers you, you can leave a note in the comments section. This allows you to change an aspect of the jacket’s style or do something such as add or remove pockets.

Finally, and probably the most surprising yet pleasant aspect of their bespoke ordering journey is that if you see a men’s jacket that you want to get in a women’s fitting, they will do it for you. This is great because if your eye happens to catch a jacket that is not in your fitting. You can easily get it changed. The prices on these jackets range and are also hard to pinpoint. At their lowest, there are jackets on sale in the $200 range. However, they can go up to $700 when not on sale. Many of the jackets we saw were on clearance, so if there is something that catches your eye and is on the steeper side, it may possibly drop in price. It is also important to remember that if you do any advanced customization for the jacket, the price may increase depending on the options that you choose.

Lusso leather jacket

We believe Independence Brothers to be the best choice on the market today. We've evaluated that the high quality of materials, superb customer service, innovative custom fit, and customization options are unmatched, especially when you take into consideration the very affordable price they offer.

If you're a savvy customer who cares about more than just a popular brand name, you can't go wrong by trusting this up and coming startup that is revolutionizing the leather jacket scene.

You can check out their jacket lineup here.

Should I customize or ready to wear?

Within the leather clothing world, this is the endless debate. We say there are benefits to both worlds, which you may have caught in a previous article. While there are plenty of great already made jackets, having a custom leather jacket allows you to choose your color, style, lining, and leather. Instead of having to choose from things that already exist, you can create your own masterpiece with the leather jacket company. That way, when you wear it, it truly is a reflection of you. No one else out there is going to have your exact jacket. Because it is something that you created, it is unique to just you, and that knowledge itself is pretty awesome. Your jacket becomes more of a statement as well as an extension of yourself. Outerwear is the first thing people see on someone, especially when outside. Now, the first thing anyone sees is more a glimpse into who you are a person.

There is the other side to the coin, however. Some people may not enjoy making decisions, or have strong opinions about facets of their jacket. Having something that exists already and is ready to wear provides a different kind of ease to ordering your jacket. Ready-made jackets provide the convenience of not having to make any tough fashion decisions, and they tend to come in at a lower price tag. If you are shopping on a tighter budget, then ready to wear jackets may be the route for you to take for the time being.

Whether you go ready to wear or bespoke, there is no wrong answer. Having a leather jacket is an expansion on yourself and your wardrobe, no matter which way you go about it. It is an exciting investment that you will have for years to come.

The endless customization options seem great. How do I order a Lusso Leather jacket?

Ordering a Lusso Leather jacket is simple. First, go to their website, From there, you can click on a few options. You can browse through their men’s or women’s options, click on what you like, ad choose “advanced customization” if you want. If you are looking to fully customize your purchase, follow these steps:

Choose the style: The first step is choosing the style of jacket that you like. Lusso Leather offers a few options:

  • Biker leather jacket - the classic, timeless style that instantly cranks any outfit up a notch. It has the appearance of functionality and gives a fancy, sophisticated look.
  • Bomber leather jacket - this is a simple style. Lusso Leather states that their fan-favorite bomber leather jackets come in black and brown colors. The jacket can be paired with almost anything: jeans, casual shirts, dress shirts, tees, boots, and more.
  • Varsity leather jacket - the varsity jacket is one that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. It is known for the leather sleeves and fabric body with ribbed cuffs and collars. While it is known one way, the jacket also comes in full leather. They are casual jackets and work, as their name suggests if you want to keep it athletic.
  • Leath blazer - the leather blazer is a versatile jacket that can be applied to both work and play settings. You can wear it to work or an outing in the evening, and the jacket works in any scenario. It can be matched with dress pants and shirt or jeans for a more casual look.
  • Moto racer jacket - this is a slim fitted jacket that is made for comfort. It has a simple design that makes it work as a dressier option. In the same regards, you can also pair it with jeans for a more relaxed and casual look.
Leather jacket colors

Choose your jacket color: Lusso Leather offers many options for jacket colors. They have the traditional black and brown, but they also have other options,such as red, green, blue, gray, and pink.

Choose the jacket inside lining: The Jacket inside lining is just as important as the inside, as this provides your inner warmth and comfort. Lusso Leather offers a few options for the lining of your jacket:

  • Bemberg lining with premium matching color - this lining is versatile and less costly. It is the most common material used in suits and jackets, and it is available in all colors.
  • Cotton lining with matching color - the cotton lining is the most durable of all of the lining options, which is its biggest advantage. Cotton is a comfortable and cool feeling material and is what comprises of many of our shirts. It is a soft material as well, and available in all colors and patterns.
  • Satin lining with premium matching color - the satin lining is a smooth and glossy fabric that is available in all colors. It has a sheen to it that offers a great contrast to the leather and is luxurious.
  • Black wool lining - the black wool lining is the warmest material option. It is the best insulating option and dries the fastest. In addition, it is naturally odor-resistant, which is helpful for a jacket you may wear out often. This lining, however, is only available in black, brown, grey, blue, and khaki.

Choose if you want to add insulation lining: We know that leather jackets can be used for fashion and warmth, and is good for a range of varying temperatures. You can choose to let your leather jacket last a little longer in the cold by adding a quilted insulated lining. It is a lightweight mid-layer synthetic material lining that provides a high level of insulation for colder weather.

Choose the zipper teeth color: The zipper teeth covers that will be used for your pockets and closures are available in various colors, such as gold, brass, silver, charcoal, and bronze.

Choose your flair: The final step is the option to have a name embroidered or a patch sewn onto the jacket. You have the option to personalize your jacket by adding a name or message anywhere on the jacket body or inside lining to be embroidered. There are also a variety of patches that you can choose from that Lusso Leather already has. These patches range from things such as country flag patterns to sports logos. You can also get a custom patch made to order and sewn on your jacket, and the patch can be any design or logo of your choice.

After that, you are set! Place your order and wait. If there are any issues, you can always contact the team with any troubleshooting.

Lusso leather jacket


We’re happy to be adding another jacket leather company to the mix for you to choose from. Whether you go with Lusso Leather or Independence Brothers, we hope this article has been helpful in making you an educated consumer. A leather jacket is a source of joy and investment, and we want to make sure you are happy with where you’re shopping and what you are wearing.

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