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There are only a few things that can be as badass and iconic as motorcycle jackets for men. Leather biker jackets are so prevalent that they have become a part of the Western and American culture as seen in movies like Grease, Terminator 2, Cry Baby and Mad Max. These jackets are symbols of independence, toughness, of being a rebel and a bad boy.
In the past, you’d have to be in a motorcycle gang or be Marlon Brando or be a rock star to be able to survive wearing a jacket without being called a “poser”. This became truer when the Ramones wore them as part of their punk look signature. When other rock bands copied them, black leather jackets became the dress code for metal acts.
When punk and metal slowly diminished into the corners of Western culture, modern stars like Kanye West, Jay Z, the Olsen twins and Rihanna brought motorcycle jackets into style and made it cool.
Nowadays, you can rock your look with a leather motorcycle jacket wearing it with a sense of authenticity and heritage in a non-rebellious manner. Jackets made of leather have become aerodynamic, comfortable and good looking, too.
So now that you’ve decided to take in the swag and be a leather jacket junkie, what are the things you should be on the lookout for in order to find the best?

Factors to Look for When Choosing the Best Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Choosing the right motorcycle jacket can be tedious, but important. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a dud in animal skin. It is easy to think that you can pull off the look with cheap jackets, but listen closely—you might end up spending more money buying new jackets because the last cheap one you bought fell apart on you.
Motorbike gears are not cheap anyway, so why be stingy on one of the most important gears you need when you ride that bike?
This guide may just be the solution you are looking for if you just can’t seem to find what’s best for you. Read on and ask yourself the following questions before you buy that jacket you saw earlier.

What jacket will suit my riding style?

Determine whether you need a one-piece suit or a two-piece suit. One-piece suits are full body jumpsuits that are skin tight usually worn by sports bike riders and bikers who don’t want their clothes flapping around them while in full speed. Two-piece suits, on the other hand, consist of a coat and a pair of pants worn by casual riders who don’t want to walk around in a jumpsuit. Consult the size guide to determine whether you need a big & tall jacket, want a slim fit or something more comfortable for your leather moto jacket.

What kind of material will I be more comfortable in?

Keep in mind that every motorcycle jacket material has its own pros and cons. So in this regard, your personal preferences and requirements matter. If you are a casual rider, motorcycle jackets made of synthetic or textile material may be more comfortable for you. But if you are a speed racer, leather motorbike jackets can offer another level of protection. Also consider the weather in your area. The key is in choosing jackets made of high-quality materials.

What color should I choose?

Obviously, black is the first choice for many riders, however, it may be risky riding around in black in the darkness. Consider choosing bright colors if it matches your style and skin tone. There are black motorcycle jackets that have high visibility patches stitched on them so that they can be easily seen on the road even in the dark.


Motorcycle leather jacket

What style should I choose?

Good thing you asked that because it is very important. There are several types of men's biker jackets to choose from so there is something for everyone. Each type of bike jacket offers different levels of style and protection, which is why it is best to distinguish them.

•    Classic—classic motorbike jackets are mostly for comfort and fashion. This style offers very little protection as they are usually lightweight and do not have body armor constructed into them. Often referred to as “cruiser” jackets because the design is for people who wear them for everyday street wear and for cruising on their bikes.

•    Race Model—the exact opposite of classic coats, a race model jackets contains a lot of padding and armor, and are typically very thick. The design is aerodynamic and form fitting so that the lines of your body are followed, which helps in enduring high speeds. Rigorous tests are done on these jackets and they are built with high quality materials for the user’s protection against major injuries.

•    Touring jackets—touring bikes are comfortable, which can also be said for the jackets. They are designed to provide maximum comfort to the wearer during long distance rides in different climates, however, are not padded and armored. The design is focused on optimized functionality to accommodate any driver needs while on the road.

The key features to be on the lookout for are waterproofing and removable liners so that it can be adjusted to different temperatures. There are more advanced models that feature built-in heating and hydration systems, as well as numerous pockets for GPS systems, personal necessities and mobile phones.

•    Adventure gear—an adventure rider is a different breed altogether, so his jacket needs are also different. Adventure riding involves long days in varying terrain, so the jackets are made of high quality textile and constructed with a sturdy external shell to protect riders from bruises and scrapes.

The jackets are made of breathable, waterproof and protective materials with various pockets that keep gadgets safe and dry.

•    Off road and Motocross—off road riders have unique requirements due to the varied terrain they ride in, so their bike gear are entirely different from the styles we mentioned above. Off the road jackets are more focused on weather resistance than overall protection from crash injuries. This style is often not integrated with armor at all but the jackets are designed to keep the riders dry and well ventilated.

The 5 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Men for 2018


To help you get started in your search for the best bike jackets, we rounded up 5 of the best men's motorcycle jackets you can choose from.

Independence brothers leather jacket

1.The Double Rider by Independence Brothers—Feature Packed Beauty


•   Made of black lambskin full grain leather with black lining and silver zippers
•   2 interior pockets, a zippered chest pocket, a snap pocket, and the waist strap is adjustable
•   All zippers, snaps and studs are made by YKK and of pure stainless steel.
•   You can customize your jacket when you order from the website
•   The style is slim and classy


•   No downside to this jacket at all. Out of 74 customer reviews, all are 5 stars.

2.Milwaukee Crazy Horse Cruiser Jacket


•   Classic, old school look
•   Labeled as distressed black, it looks a bit like brown leather
•   CE approved body armor on back, shoulders and arms
•   Reflective piping on shoulders and arms
•   A fully removable liner
•   2 front and 2 rear air-vents with 1 internal pocket
•   Made of Pakistan cowhide
•   YKK hardware


•   The thick leather tends to have a heavy smell.

3.Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket


•   Made of Duratex fabric
•   Ergonomically designed with technical content
•   Designed specifically for sports riding
•   Aluminum shoulder inserts
•   Chest and back protector pock
•   Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard
•   Excellent ventilation
•   Removable windproof insert
•   Plenty of pocket room


•   A bit pricey

4. Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Men's Street Motorcycle Jacket


•   Made from waterproof and breathable poly-fabric textile
•   Shoulder-mounted vents for extra climate control
•   Certified armor inserts as protection against impact
•   Removable thermal lining
•   Sleeve and waist adjustments
•   Numerous utility pockets
•   Equipped with zippered Direct Ventilation system (chest air intake, back exhaust ports)
•   Added abrasion resistance via reinforced polymer-printed texturing in elbows and lower arm


•   No protective padding

5. Joe Rocket Superego Men's Hybrid Leather/Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


•   Unique hybrid jacket made of both synthetic mesh and leather components
•   Drum dyed cowhide outer covering
•   Metasport zip-off panels to reveal the synthetic FreeAir mesh underneath for improved breathability on torso, underarms and back
•   Dual density armor on shoulders and elbows
•   Features a removable spine pad
•   Uses VariableFlow ventilation system


•   A bit expensive

Protection leather jacket

Final Thoughts

We hope you had fun reading through this best motorcycle jackets for men buying guide. We hope you had fun reading through this best motorcycle jackets for men buying guide. While rocking t-shirts and top brands like Belstaff or AllSaints leather bomber jackets, cafe racer jackets feels great, it is important to note that your priority in finding a good jacket is protection, functionality and comfort. No matter how expensive your jacket is if you are not comfortable wearing it, you can’t pull off the look you are trying to achieve.

This guide on men's leather jackets was meant to help you select the perfect jacket because we know it can be a tough decision with the different factors you should consider. Just keep in mind that whether your priority is style, comfort, safety, features or functionality, there is always a motorbike jacket out there waiting for you.

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