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November 13, 2018 5 min read


While black leather jackets and brown leather jackets are always more or less in season, colored leather comes in and out of style. From turquoise to navy blue to white, finding the right color leather jacket can be daunting for women and men. What's more than that, because color trends are always changing, it's difficult to know what color leather biker jacket to choose so you can re-use this jacket when the trend re-emerges in a few years. Same goes for other styles - leather moto jacket, bomber jacket, or even a trench coat or faux leather jacket, it's all about the color.

If you're wanting to push your wardrobe to the next level with red leather jackets, the best color you can try is red. Red leather jackets is nowhere near as timeless as black and brown leather, but it can be a good statement piece to always have on hand. Keep reading if you're interested in knowing three different ways you can style a red leather jacket. But what to wear with a red leather jacket? Read on!

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

With a red leather jacket, you can go for a number of different styles. Choose the right leather jacket size so it fits you properly, and then you can play around with, let's say, your motorcycle jacket. You don't need high-end designer leather jackets like Gucci, Michael Kors or Alexander McQueen, a simple zip leather jacket of the right color will work. But obviously a genuine leather, like lambskin leather, would work better than a faux leather moto jacket. This is because red leather jackets is such a statement piece that you can use it to make a simple outfit into something more interesting, or you can use it to accent an already daring look. The direction you go, of course, will depend on your own personal aesthetic.

For any look you want to do, however, you'll absolutely need the following:

  • A red leather jacket
  • Creativity to put your look together
  • Confidence to wear your look in public

If you're feeling in a bit of a creativity rut or you need help getting started, we've put together three different red leather jacket looks in this guide. Check out the checklists below to get started on any of these looks.

Look One: The Updated Classic Look with a Statement Red Leather Jacket

  • A pair of jeans in a classic straight cut, either black or dark blue
  • A pristine white t-shirt or a black t-shirt
  • Non-flashy and timeless shoes like Converse, loafers, or Chelsea boots.

Look Two: The Trendy Guy Look

If you're feeling ambitious, you can try out another one of this season's trends by matching your red leather jacket to a sleek pair of red leather boots. To do so, keep the rest of the outfit simple. For instance, you'll want:

  • A simple pair of khakis
  • A crisp, collared shirt
  • Red boots

Look Three: The Daredevil Outfit

If you're feeling more daring, you can push a red leather jacket to its limit by combining it with lots of other statement pieces. One trick is to tie everything together with the same color. For instance, try out:

  • White or patterned jeans
  • A graphic t-shirt that features red accents
  • Shoes that incorporate the color red

Now, let's get into how the different parts of these outfits works together and talk about some ways that you can customize your look.

Red leather jacket

Step-by-Step Instructions

To get your creative juices flowing, start out with the simple step-by-step guides below for three different looks that you can do with a red leather jacket. Wearing a red leather jacket will definitely boost your self esteem if you do it right.

The Updated Classic Look with a Statement Jacket

For most men, the easiest look to pull off will be a simple, timeless look that relies on the leather jacket as a sexy statement piece. For this look, start out with a pair of classic straight cut jeans. To avoid overwhelming your outfit with contrasting colors, stick to the basics: black, grey, or dark denim are all wise choices.
From there, add a simple t-shirt. A pristine white t-shirt will go best with any of the above options, but feel free to play around with a plain black tee or even a striped crew cut shirt if you're feeling French.
To finish off the base of your look, you'll want to add your shoes. Because your goal is to emphasize the red leather jacket, make sure that your shoes are simple and not too flashy. Black converse, loafers, Chelsea boots, and classic white sneakers are all great options.
To accessorize this outfit, keep everything as minimalist as possible. If you need a scarf, add a plain one in either black or grey. If you need a briefcase or laptop bag for work, make sure it's a neat rectangle. Add your best watch.
And, finally, add your leather jacket. This look goes best with just about any shape of red jacket, so don't worry when you put it on -- just get out there and enjoy your life.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

The Trendy Guy Look

While the timeless look can be a great go-to look, chances are that if you've got your eye on a red leather jacket, you're a bit of a risk taker. If you like to follow along with trends, you can push your red jacket to the limits with other red accessories.
To achieve this look, start out with a simple basis. A pair of khakis and a crisp white collared shirt can be a good pallet. Change for a pair of light-colored chinos if you're feeling ambitious, but remember: this is just the basis for the real showstoppers.
From there, add your accessories. Got a surprising watch with an interesting face? Go for it. Got a pair of sunglasses with a red tint? Why not! Red boots? Even better. The trick, however, will be to not over-accessorize. To avoid this faux pas, only choose one surprising accessory to go with your leather jacket.
And yes, of course, finish off this trendy guy look with the pièce-de-résistance: your red leather jacket.

The Daredevil Outfit

If you've gotten the hang of how to wear a leather jacket, or if you've got a very exuberant personality, you can always take a red leather jacket to the next level by tastefully combining an outfit full of trends. Like the trendy guy look, be sure to tie everything together with the same color pallet. Caution: this look truly takes an artful eye and complete confidence to master.
Start out by taking your favorite pair of seasonal pants. White or patterned jeans work the best here.
Then, add a graphic t-shirt or collared shirt that features red accents -- or not. As long as the color works with the vibrant red leather, anything can go here.
Finally, go crazy with your accessories to tie everything together exactly the way you like it.

Find your style


Did you find this styling guide helpful? Do you feel ready to sport one of the hottest trends this season? To style a red leather jacket can be tricky, but we hope this article will help you! While leather jackets are flashy and appealing in the store, red leather can sometimes seem daunting once you get them home. Getting creative, however, is the best way to get the courage to wear a leather jacket out and about. Especially, when it comes to wearing a red leather jacket. Try out one of the above looks and see how many compliments you get during the day!

What about you? Got ideas about how to style a nice red leather jacket? Know anyone else who is thinking about investing in red leather jackets? Share your styling ideas below in the comments section, or share this article with a friend!

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