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There are many trends in fashion are pinpointed to a single event. One example happened in 1928. Irving Schott of the outerwear company Schott Bros. designed and made the first leather motorcycle jacket. Dubbed the Perfecto, it replaced the buttons with a zipper to make it easier to use. It had a snug fit, shoulder details and had lapels that could fold down or zip up for better protection against the wind or rain. Today Schott NYC is one of the best leather jackets on the market, in fashion all year-round,

Many people have redesigned the black leather jacket over the years. But, in all its versions, it still maintains the rugged coolness that made it so famous. Here, we list down some of our favorites.

Leather Biker Jacket by Selected Homme

Selected Homme is the menswear label under the Nordic brand Selected. It offers cool contemporary clothing with mid-range price points. It can be found in 25 countries around the world.

Selected Homme's running theme in its product lineup is its functionality. Button-down shirts, sweaters, and trousers stock its shops.

When it comes to outerwear, this jacket stands out. Selected Homme’s Leather Biker Jacket is what happens when this outerwear staple embraces a modern silhouette. When you zip up the jacket, you will see that its fit is more streamlined. It does away with the looseness that can sometimes add pounds to a person or get in the way of moving comfortably.

The Leather Biker Jacket is a practical garment. It has a zip fastening and an internal pocket. The neckline is round with a snap closure. All of these details add up to a no-fuss yet stylish piece.

•   The jacket uses midweight leather that makes it appropriate for a variety of climates
•   The size runs a bit small so customers recommend buying one size up.

Nappa Jacket by Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is a clothing company that produces high-quality, understated garments. Although the name sounds Italian, it is a Spanish brand. The aesthetic of Massimo Dutti is classic sophistication. The brand generally stays away from anything too trendy.

The Nappa Jacket is in line with the image of the brand. It is not too showy. Instead, it focuses on getting the basics right: expert tailoring and useful features. The Nappa Jacket is a simple piece with a snug fit and a front zipper closure. The collar closes with snaps, and it features two zippers at the cuffs. A combination blend of polyester, viscous, and cotton line the inside of the jacket.

•   The jacket is made of sheepskin leather and has a soft and supple texture
•   The jacket is affordable, especially when you consider the high-quality materials used

•   Mass-produced, so the design is not unique

MA-1 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket by Alpha Industries

The bomber jacket got its name from the World War II pilots that wore heavily lined leather jackets. The MA-1 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket captures the flair of the original design by mimicking a lot of its features.

Most modern jackets prefer a tighter fit. But, the MA-1 Leather Flight Jacket ignores this trend. Instead, it stays faithful to the loose fit of the jackets produced in the 1940s. The frame is full, and the sleeves have a slight balloon. The jacket has several pockets, which is always a plus for convenience. First, there is a cigarette pocket on the sleeve. There are two other pockets found on the waist, which can be closed by snaps. This jacket also features elasticated cuffs and waistband.

•   The jacket has a pure leather exterior
•   The classic design makes it appropriate for many occasions.
•   Sizing is on the smaller side, so it is best to fit the product before purchase.

Flying Tiger Jacket by L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is an American company from Freeport, Maine. It is primarily known as an outdoors company, producing clothing and equipment. The brand gained popularity from its Main Hunting Shoe, waterproof boots that were a hit with hunters.

The rough-and-tumble roots of L.L. Bean still show in many of its products. In this case, the Flying Tiger Jacket is a no-nonsense approach to dressing. It features a zipper front, cuffs, and a waistband. The lining is 70% merino wool 30% and polyester. The sleeves make use of Thinsulate Insulation olefin polyester for extra warmth.

Pro Tip: Since L.L. Bean specializes in outdoor wear, it also spends time developing techniques to make sure that its garments can withstand the elements. Its products are designed to withstand more challenging environments.

•   The jacket is well-insulated to make it useful even in freezing environments
•   The exterior is 100% goatskin leather, which is very durable
•   The broad cut of the shoulders can make getting the correct fit hard for others.
Custom made leather jacket

Leather Jacket by Independence Brothers

Independence Brothers is a Philadelphia-based brand run by brothers Scott and Robbie Kunz. It is a specialized company that only makes leather jackets. They custom-make their products. For the client, it means that he or she can avail of made-to-measure services. Leather moto jacket, leather bomber jacket, flight jacket or cafe racer - lightweight, perfect leather jacket, custom-made and any of the leather jacket styles available today.

The jackets combine form and function. Its designs come with interior pockets, one open and one that zips shut. The lining is also unique. The usual blends for the interiors of jackets are polyester or cotton. Independence Brothers lines its jackets with Cupro and Rayon. This makes their garments feel more comfortable because of the extra breathability of the fabric.

Independence Brothers works closely with suppliers from overseas. By sourcing their leather and manufacturing processes from these properly vetted companies, they are able to lower their product price. For consumers, it means access to quality products at a more affordable rate.

Independence Brothers offers jackets made of lambskin, cowskin, and goatskin leathers.
Pro Tip: Independence Brothers is known for its excellent customer service. They are open to working closely with the client to come up with the ideal design and fit.

•   The jackets are guaranteed to fit well.
•   The price is competitive, especially considering that each product is made to measure.
•   Independence Brothers offers a lifetime warranty
•   It takes an average of a month and a half to receive the jacket because of the production process.

Bruiser Moto Jacket by Buck Mason

Buck Mason was established in 2013 by Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen with the intention to create clothing in small production runs. They first focused on shirts and jeans, working with a family-run, local factory.

The pattern of the Bruiser Moto Jacket comes from the original leather motorcycle jackets. The difference is in the fit. This jacket is less bulky than its earlier counterparts. Zippers crisscross the front, and there are snap closures on the pockets.

•   The exterior of the Bruiser Moto Jacket is from lambskin, which ensures durability.
•   It has a higher price point compared to similar brands.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Lark Leather Jacket by AllSaints

AllSaints is a British brand based in London. It has a large retail presence with stores numbering over 200 locations around the world. The brand started out as a wholesale menswear line and sold products to luxury shops like Harrods. Eventually, the brand expanded to online retailing and now offers different product lines such as womenswear, clothing for children, and handbags.

AllSaints enjoys the following of a younger crowd. It is a favorite of British celebrities and is often cited in fashion articles and blogs. Not surprisingly, the Lark Leather Jacket exudes the minimalism trend that gripped the fashion world for several seasons. The streamlined shape does away with any unnecessary bulk. Even the choice of zippers commits to the subtle design. They are black to blend in with the leather.

The jacket features two zip chest pockets and a waistband with snap closure for easy use.

•   The exterior comes from goat leather
•   Fits true to size
•   At just under $500, it is one of the most expensive jackets on the list.
Timeless leather jackets

It is incredibly satisfying to slip on a great leather jacket. It is one of those articles of clothing that instantly elevates an outfit. This list shows that the different versions still pay homage to the timeless cool exuded by this classic garment. Do you agree with our list or do you have your favorite leather jacket? Please leave acomment and share this article with your friends.

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