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February 28, 2021 8 min read

by Monique Youzwa

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The Tom Ford brand was founded in 2005 after this iconic man spent a decade and a half working his way up the ranks at Gucci. He began with eyewear and beauty essentials before releasing his first menswear collection in April of 2007, followed up with womenswear in 2010. This lead to a thriving business for those who believe in great style and have the disposable income to prove it. Though Tom Ford’s leather jacket selection isn’t huge, each one of these timeless pieces is a work of art that maintains the classic leather ideal in a modern world.

Brand and Website Review

Tom Ford has 98 physical stores and shops around the world, so you can purchase your favorite Tom Ford leather jacket in almost any country. This allows you to browse and try on these stylish pieces to ensure you’re getting the best style and fit to match your body and look.

The Website

For those who prefer to do their shopping online out of convenience or because there isn’t a Tom Ford store nearby, this website is a pleasure to use. It has a simple look, favoring black borders and white backgrounds for a simple, yet elegant, viewing experience.

The website is also easy to navigate, taking you quickly to where you want to be and allowing you to browse the selection of leather jackets without having to deal with a lot of unrelated items using a few simple filters. The leather pieces are displayed in all their gorgeous glory, with the names of the coats, their prices, and their details listed clearly, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Ordering Process

Ordering a stylish Tom Ford leather jacket is as simple as browsing the website. All that is needed is a size selection and a possible color selection, depending on the jacket you’re choosing, before adding the new piece to your cart. Then you just fill in your shipping and purchasing information and you’re done.

For shipping, there are even a few options to choose from, including overnight, 2-day, and 3-day shipping, as well as free ground shipping anywhere in the United States. The ground shipping option may take a bit longer but you are saving a bit of money, though if you’re already spending thousands of dollars on a new Tom Ford leather jacket, an extra $30 likely won’t seem like that big of a deal.

Options to Choose From

When it comes to Tom Ford leather jackets, there isn’t a huge selection to choose from. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a jacket for you since the ones they do have available are classy, yet rugged, fitting in with a business crowd as well as on weekend warrior outing.

There are three biker jackets available. The Icon Biker Jacket is perfect for fans of James Dean, with the diagonal zippers and short waist. There is also a Stamped Crocodile Biker Jacket that is similar in the cut and fit, though with the texturing of crocodile leather.

The Café Biker Jacket and the Worked Leather Café Biker have a similar design but move the main zipper to the middle of the jacket, straighten out the pocket zippers, and add some length to hang below the belt.

Also available in their leather jacket section is the Worked Leather Jacket, a Worked Leather Western Jacket, a Leather Peacoat, and an Embossed Crocodile Sartorial Jacket, giving you a variety of options for any occasion.

For those who prefer a looser fit, there are also a few blouson models, giving you a bit more room in the chest without adding a bulky look to your outfit. There are a few styles to choose from, including the Embossed Crocodile Tracked Blouson, the Worked Leather Western Blouson, and the Worked Leather Harrington Blouson, giving you a few options based on the type of leather jacket you prefer.

There aren’t a ton of colors to choose from, though this isn’t abnormal for leather jackets. Blacks and browns are the main options, though those wanting a bit of flash can try out the bright blue Crocodile Stamped Leather Zip Through Hoodie to catch the eyes of those around them.

Tom Ford Leather Jacket

Behind the Scenes

With the right picture, anything can look good on a website, but Tom Ford’s leather jackets are more than just a pretty image. These jackets are designed to last for decades, so they will outlive their owners and possibly the next generation as well.

Jacket Quality and Material

Tom Ford leather jackets are as stylish and sexy as the rest of his creations, so you may assume that this means they are focused on finding the best materials possible. This is only half-true, though, since the man behind the brand focuses more on the supply chain than the material itself.

Since 2018, all of the leather for the jackets in this brand’s collection is sourced from animals used in the food industry, ensuring that the hides don’t go to waste. Tom Ford’s leather jackets are not made from animals reared only to be used in the leather industry, making this a more humane practice, plus the leather used can be worked to create the supple pieces sold by this brand.


As for manufacturing, Tom Ford leather jackets, and all of the clothing and accessories sold by this brand, are made in Italy. The attention to detail and gorgeous workmanship are part of the reason these leather jackets are so pricey since Italian-made clothing is aimed more at the high-class gentlemen than the average man.

Finished Product Review

Despite how sleek and fantastic Tom Ford leather jackets look, they need to feel great as well, which this company has taken into account, creating pieces that can be worn for a variety of outings and events in complete comfort.


The fit of the Tom Ford leather jackets varies slightly, depending on which one you’re buying. The biker jackets, from the iconic classic styles to the more modern Café Biker Jacket, all have a biker fit, which has slim sleeves and a body that hugs yours naturally. This makes it a bit difficult to wear thicker layers beneath these jackets but they are perfect over t-shirts or light sweaters without hindering your movements.

All of the other leather jackets in the collection have a classic fit that gives you more room in the body without adding a bulky appearance. The looser fit makes them a bit more comfortable without losing the sleek, sexy appeal Tom Ford’s clothing is known for.

Leather Feel

The feel of a leather jacket is almost as good as the smell of one and Tom Ford’s pieces are no exception. They have a smooth, buttery feel that is supple and soft. You almost want to run your hands over the material repeatedly, though this will likely look a bit odd if you’re out in public, so it’s best to avoid this temptation.

The crocodile models have more texturing than the other leather jacket types since they are embossed with crocodile scales for a unique look. Despite this texturing, the leather for these pieces is still soft, bending easily as you do for less creaking when you move around.


Almost every one of the leather jackets in Tom Ford’s collection is fully lined, giving you that extra layer of warmth that you need on a cool fall day. The exception is the Worked Leather Western Blouson, which is only half-lined, so this one isn’t quite as warm as the other options. This doesn’t make it a lesser piece, though, as the western style still has its place in the world of fashion.

The Little Details

The leather jackets in Tom Ford’s collection aren’t just thrown together quickly. The attention to detail is astonishing, with features like authentic stitched padding on the shoulders of the biker jackets, bonded velvet on the inside collar of the Café Biker Jacket, or an artisanal hand-dying process on the stamped leather products for a more authentic look over the entire piece.

Many of the jackets also include a signature double zip closure, allowing you to adjust the zipper at the top and bottom for additional comfort and style. The button holes on the Leather Peacoat are even hand-stitched, ensuring the quality and durability to keep them on the jacket where they belong.

When to Wear Them

Choosing the best Tom Ford leather jacket for any occasion is not as difficult as you may think. These jackets may not be for high-class, black-tie events, but there are options for dinner or drinks with friends or business associates, outings to shows or museums, or even a stroll through the park with a significant other. The style and detailing make them both casual and elegant, so you can pick almost any piece for whatever you have on your schedule.

Leather jackets like these, with the full lining and dual closure zippers, are also great for almost any season. Though you likely won’t want to wear them for winter sports, leather is warm, especially those that include the full lining. They block out the cold and lock in the warmth, so they are perfect for damp spring days or cool fall nights.

How to Choose a Tom Ford Leather Jacket

Choosing a Tom Ford leather jacket shouldn’t be that difficult considering they have a relatively small collection compared to dedicated leather stores. There are only about a dozen on their website, so you don’t need to spend hours searching through pages and pages of items.

The first thing to consider is the price, though if you’re considering one of Tom Ford’s pieces, you likely have the disposable income to afford them. The lowest price is still several thousand dollars for a single leather jacket, so if you don’t have this money to spare, you should navigate your way to another more cost-efficient brand.

The Tom Ford leather jackets are true to size, so you also don’t need to worry about sizing up or down when choosing one, meaning there are no surprises when it arrives at your home or when you try one on in one of Tom Ford’s stores.

You should also consider where and when you’ll be using the leather jacket. An Icon Biker Jacket likely won’t be the right look for an elegant dinner, though it will look fantastic at a club. The Leather Peacoat, with its long length and dual buttons, is perfect for a more upscale outing, plus the length adds some extra warmth for outdoor events.

Tom Ford jackets


Tom Ford leather jackets are expensive enough to be out of the average man’s price range but if you can afford one of these iconic items, you won’t regret your purchase. These jackets are made to last, using quality materials, stitching, and details that ensure durability for jackets that will outlive their owners. Though there is not a huge selection of leather jackets to choose from, Tom Ford has enough styles to ensure that any man will find a timeless piece that fits him perfectly, like a new soft, supple skin.

Of course, not everyone can afford a Tom Ford leather jacket. These pieces are made for those with a great deal of extra income. The more budget-conscious men will likely never be able to afford even the cheapest option. Independence Brothers offers a wider range of leather jackets at a fraction of what you’d pay for a Tom Ford jacket, so for those who have to save up for one of these pieces, we may be a better option.

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