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March 04, 2021 8 min read

by Naiyie

Naiyie is a fashion enthusiast with interests in history and the sciences. She is a psychology student and researcher in Europe and runs her own psychology and eastern philosophy blog. She also enjoys travelling, writing poetry and playing music.

The Founders

Theory, the New York based clothing brand was co-founded in December 1997 by Andrew Rosen and Elie Tahari. Andrew Rosen, former CEO for Anne Klein and Calvin Klein executive, the current CEO of Theory, grew up already being immersed in the New York garment industry. His grandfather, a Russian immigrant, was rather skilled as a garment cutter and was the founder of the Puritan Dress Company in Massachusetts, which was brought to life in 1910.

Considering the presence of garment related endeavours in the family line, it seems reasonable to say that the art of designing and crafting clothing was already in his blood. By the time Mr Rosen had won his very first job at a local knitting mill where he was responsible for operating the punch cards, he likely already had a vision of the future, fashion-oriented trajectory of his life.

His partner and co-founder of Theory, Elie Tahari is an Israeli fashion designer that had emigrated to the United States (with less than $100 to his name, as the story goes). He then began working as an electrician in the New York Garment District. Little by little, he began to design his own clothing, blending into the fashion environment and developing a love for it. In 1973, he gave life and popularity to the iconic ‘tube top’. This cemented his position in the fashion world. Tahari was also massively inspired by the disco music that distinguished the 70’s and was, for a while, very occupied with designing 70’s dance-style clothing.

He later developed a taste for the more professional, office-style end of the fashion spectrum, which brings us to his involvement with Theory. Theory was initially focused on developing a women’s collection of comfortable, professional stretch pants. Seeing as the line for women got a great response and was doing extremely well, they introduced a men’s collection, which indeed, proved to be equally as popular.

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The Journey

At the beginning of the 2000’s, they formed a license agreement with a Japanese company, so that all products in their line would be both manufactured and sold nationally across Japan.

In 2003 they introduced women’s handbags and shoes into their already, successful line of products, and by the year 2006 they were launching nationally across the U:S. They opened store after store across the U.S and in 2013, they finally decided to break out and bring their collections into European borders. They made their move by opening two new stores in Paris, the beautiful capital city of Frances, known for is intimate artistic presence, romance and exquisite food.

Today, they have 451 stores and are still dedicated to delivering elegant, professional contemporary fashion without making any compromises to the wearer’s comfort.

Brand & Website Review

Brand Character

The main sort of ‘ethos’ for their branding is based around providing supremely fashionable yet comfortable clothing for professionals. Their line of women’s suits, office dresses and sweaters really embody the blend of femininity and professionalism of the modern woman. Their clothing line is consistent and characteristic and there is something signature in their long, slim fit suits for both men and women.


Website Matters

Their website sticks to the classic white background black font template and is relatively easy to navigate through. At the top of the page, you can see the menu for their main collections. This way you can easily direct yourself to new arrivals, for men, for women, accessories and there ‘theory for good’ collection, which is more popular among the environment conscious client base. All material used in this collection (including linen, wool and cotton) is traceable back to their origin of century long, family run supply companies.


For Men& Women

For both men and women there is a really wide range of product types which you will find under ‘categories’. They catalogue their outwear, blazers and jackets, swimsuits etc. with large, featured images in their main gallery. If you are interested in a particular item, you can click on it to get more specific product details, or to see the outfit displayed by the model from several different angles, in several poses. For men, buying suits is sort of a non-issue.

Women, however, are a little more difficult to cater for. Firstly, we all have different preferences and different body types and fitting us a suit that we feel ultra comfortable in and want to wear is no simple feat. Theory offers supremely stylish, well fitted suits for professional women, without compromising in lightness and comfort.

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Shipping & Payment

Theory ship both nationally and internationally and offer a 30-day return policy if the product in still in a new, unworn, resalable condition. You can pick from several different shipment options, ranging from free US delivery, or next day delivery which costs $25.

They offer a parcel tracking service so you can keep an eye on where your purchase is along the shipping line. Up until recently, they offered custom, post purchase size alterations for the Gold and Platinum tier members but have recently suspended this service.

Theory accept all forms of payments including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal, Theory Gift and eGift Cards. So no issues in this department at all!

'Morvek L.Kelleher' Sheepskin Leather Jacket

This elegant yet low-key leather jacket has repeatedly been listed and one of the favorites on the market right now. The 5-star Amazon reviews and the heaps upon heaps of satisfied customers reviews would suggest that this is a safe buy for any guys who might be looking to splash out and treat themselves to a new leather jacket. The shell, made from 100% imported sheepskin leather lets of a gentle, sophisticated matt glow and the inside lining fully fabricated from polyester feels comfortable and light. In line with the character of Theory’s branding, this jacket is suitable for not only casual wears but also for professional settings. It is a great choice for an extra layer of clothing over your suit jacket and looks natural on this side outfit spectrum.

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Other Leather Jacket Brands

In the lower range you have brands like Wilson and Caine. Both brands have a wide range of different styles including biker, friendly, casual and even more professional looking fits. They make jackets for both men and women and seem to have relatively good reviews.

However, if you are not really into the whole biker thing and are looking for a leather jacket that conveys a slick rather than hardy exterior, the Morvek L.Keller is probably going to be more for you. These other brands are great, but if you are specifically looking for something to add to your professional wardrobe, that can also be worn on low-key casual occasions, this jacket is a great pick. It’s taste, refined and dignified and doesn’t covey any of the brutish (but cool) qualities that leather jackets sometimes have.

In the middle range you have brands like SchottNYC. Indeed, these guys are renowned for the quality of their jackets and are credited with the original styling of the leather motorbike jacket. They have stores around the U.S, not just for leather jackets, but also stylish clothes of other fabrics and materials. .

Should you go custom?

As far as I’m aware, none of the brands mentioned above do custom made jackets, and certainly don’t specialize in this niche area. This is a service that Independent Brothers really pride themselves in being able to provide for people around the world.

Also, leather jackets are their single speciality, aside from custom accessories on request, they really focus all their attention and designing faculties on doing that one thing and doing it well.

Leather jackets are not just items of clothing, they are, in some sense, an extension of our personality, our individual character. Independent Brothers believes that every leather jacket should be as unique as the individual wearing it.

So, the possibility of getting a leather jacket that you design is something very noteworthy to consider. At Independent Brothers, they only use the best leather on the market, and every jacket is made from high grade, full grain leather. This leather only gets better with age, so you can expect a Independent Brothers jacket to outlive you!

How to Wear the Morvek L.Keller Theory

This jacket should be warm in milder seasons and isn’t intended to keep you ultra warm and freezing cold weather or anything. It’s the perfect choice for those intermittent seasons when the weather is beginning to either cool down, or warm up. If you do plan on wearing it in slightly colder weather, you could always consider getting a larger fit, so you can fit your hoodies and sweaters underneath, to keep the stylish exterior.

It seems most popular in young professional men who are looking to give themselves a bit of an edge over others. Reviewers have said that the size is true-to-fit, so you should be safe enough in choosing your usual size when buying this jacket.

If you are still not sure and want to avoid having to go through the effort of returning and reordering the item, luckily Theory have a section of their website dedicated to helping you choose the exact fit for you. You can have a look by following this link:

The disadvantage of this jacket as some buyers have pointed out, is that it’s a little pricey and perhaps not as durable as some of the hardier leather jackets. So, if you’re looking for something you will be able to pass onto your kids, this probably won’t tick that box for you. However, as one of the worlds leading brands for workwear that is as comfortable as it is fierce and alluring, it’s only fair to expect and higher price.

Theory does a range of jackets, so if you aren’t convinced by this one, but still like the Theory identity, you could also check out some other favourites.

Theory’s ‘Zip Jacket in Leather’ comes at $995. Like the Morvek. L.Keller is made from extra fine sheepskin leather and is a slim fit. This jacket is also for the transitional seasons, like the Morvek, and is light and sophisticated.

If you are looking for something a little warmer and you want to stick to the professional office wear theme, you can check out the Tobin Jacket by Theory as well! This jacket is crafter from shearling and has a smooth leather exterior. This jacket features a two-way front zip and slip side pockets. It is priced between $1050 - $2170 depending on the size.

Custom made leather jacket


There’s no doubt that this brand occupies as strong stance in the workwear garment industry. This solid, prestigious brand delivers everything you would expect from the two fashion pioneers and executives that co-founded it.

Their high-end collections have made them known around the world and many reviewers have characterized their wear as ‘on par with Hugo Boss’. They lure of their women’s suits is one particular thing that really makes this company stand out, yet there is so much more to them. The entire clothing line is simply exquisite. The Morvek L. Keller jacket by Theory with it’s supple sheepskin exterior and light interior lining is certainly no exception. It is the perfect choice for young professional men who are looking for the perfect balance of dignified and discreet. More suitable for the warmer, or milder months, it shouldn’t be expected to keep you warm in fierce, cold weather.

This jacket also needs the correct level of care, certainly no washing machines! For this product it is recommended that you dry clean only. While storing, it would be best to have it kept hanging, rather than folded, as this might possibly create creases, as with all leather products. It isn’t the end of the world, but the creases will usually take several days to work themselves out.

Lastly, don’t forget if you are thinking about going custom because you just can’t find a leather jacket with your name on it, Independent Brothers are really your best bet. You can always check out the website to find out more about them and their manufacturing process.

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