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August 06, 2019 10 min read

by Joanna Smykowski

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People come in all shapes and sizes. For anyone who falls within the middle ground, your sizes are generally easier to find, because it is where a lot of the population falls. The demand is normal, and the supply is great because it is all sizes that companies are used to making for their customers.

However, if you fall below or above the average - either you are shorter, taller, smaller, larger - all of a sudden finding your size can become more challenging. It can be frustrating and a challenge, but we are hoping this blog post can help you navigate this sector of the shopping and fashion world.

All of this is especially true when it comes to jackets. Many think jackets can be a general, one size fits all situation. This is far from the case. For larger and taller guys, while finding a leather jacket may be more difficult, it is not impossible. Let’s walk through some places where you can purchase a leather jacket if you are on the bigger side, and then how to style it once you have the beautiful outerwear in hand.

Custom Leather Jackets

If you’ve seen our article on bespoke leather jackets, or maybe you caught the one about petite people buying custom leather jackets, then you know what is coming next. We can’t speak highly enough about custom leather jackets. You’ve heard our philosophy - that leather jackets are more than a jacket, but an extension of you. Customizing them, therefore, makes it more personal and that much better. While custom jackets are going to run a little bit higher in the price range, it could be worth it for perfection at the end. Here are some bonuses to purchasing a custom leather jacket:

  1. It’ll fit you just right. If you’re bigger, regular jackets run the risk of being too tight or too short. This is uncomfortable and unpurchasable. Bespoke jackets allow you send in your custom size to the leather jacket company so that you know that the sleeves will go past your wrists, the length of the jacket won’t crop, and you can zip it without feeling tight.
  2. You can choose everything to your liking. While there are plenty of great already made jackets, having a custom leather jacket allows you to choose your color, style, lining, and leather. Instead of having to choose from things that already exist, you can create your own masterpiece with the leather jacket company. That way, when you wear it, it truly is a reflection of you.
  3. It is unique to you. No one else out there is going to have your exact jacket. Because it is something that you created, it is unique to just you, and that knowledge itself is pretty awesome. Your jacket becomes more of a statement as well as an extension of yourself. Outerwear is the first thing people see on someone, especially when outside. Now, the first thing anyone sees is more a glimpse into who you are a person.
Custom made bespoke leather jackets

Ordering a bespoke jacket is simple: all you need to do is send in your measurements, choose how you want your jacket to look. Once these decisions have been made, the company will create your jacket for you. If you do decide to get a bespoke leather jacket to fit a larger frame, be sure to measure everything correctly so that the jacket is your size. Since custom leather jackets are one of a kind, the return policy is most times a no-return policy, and companies put safeties in place and explicit instructions so that you do measure yourself correctly. In order to measure yourself, be sure to follow the steps that the company outlines. Many places have their own sizing charts and instructions on how to measure. Make sure you measure yourself correctly when taking your measurements for your jacket. if you measure wrong, your jacket will not fit perfectly, and that is the last thing you want for an unreturnable jacket. Companies may want different numbers, but typically you always need to measure your shoulder, chest, sleeves, and waist. You may also have to measure your hips and pants as well. Watch videos and follow the instructions carefully to make sure that you are sending in the correct numbers.

When in doubt, reaching out to customer service is always a good idea.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

So where do you go to get a custom leather jacket? After doing our research, we found a few different companies that do custom leather jackets for bigger sizes. Some, like Lusso Leather, seemed newer and without the history and presence for us to vouch for. The most trustworthy companies are our usual three:

  1. Independence Brothers - You can get a custom leather jacket right here at Independence Brothers. We are a company that was founded by two brothers who value leather jackets and the way that they make you feel. Based in Philadelphia, Independence Brothers specializes in leather jackets that are made of quality materials, crafted with skill, and fit perfectly. The Independence Brothers jackets are made of lambskin, goatskin, and cowskin leathers so that they are durable, they age well, and they can last for generations. All of our jackets come with free custom measurements and are perfect for bigger sized individuals to make sure they are getting a leather jacket that fits you just right. The Independence Brothers price tag comes in at an affordable one, with jackets as low as $380 and up.
  2. The Jacket Maker - The Jacket Maker is a company that we have focused on before. They are a newer company that is based out of California in the United States and Ras al Khaimah, or RAK, in the United Arab Emirates. Only six years old, they began as an online retail store for leather jackets in 2013. The Jacket Maker shifted to bespoke in 2016, and it is still a major part of the company three years later. They have ready to wear jackets that you can add a customizable touch to or they have the option to go entirely custom-made, from measurements to style. Their price tag is affordable for leather jackets as well, coming in at $200 for their ready to wear jackets, and going higher for their custom jackets.
  3. Leather Skin Shop - Leather Skin Shop is only a hair older than The Jacket Maker in years; it was established in 2012 as a leather bracelet company. They are warehoused in Oregon and sell outerwear, shoes, hats, bags, and caps. The price tag for their ready to wear jackets come in around $200, although custom made jackets are likely higher.
Find your leather jacket brand

What if I don’t want to go custom?

Maybe custom isn’t your thing. Too many decisions, or too high of a budget. Never fear. We have also done our research to figure out which companies out there make leather jackets for bigger and taller guys without having to go the bespoke route.

  1. Big Guy - That one is all in the name. Big Guy is an Australian based men’s clothing store. Based in Australia and New Zealand, Big Guy is all about big men’s clothing. They seek to offer a couple of big things, such as big clothing and big value. They offer a great brand selection for big or king-size clothing, as well as discounts. They are committed to finding the best big and tall clothing items from local designers and overseas, and to offer it at an affordable price. They have a range of products, including leather jackets. Their sizing goes up to 11XL.
  2. Johnny Big -Johnny Big is a men’s clothing store that was “created with the bigger, taller guy in mind.” They were formed with the goal of creating a one-stop-shop for bigger and taller guys that provided style. They offer a variety of things, including clothing and outerwear.
  3. Peter Manning - Peter Manning is a New York-based company. While they do not focus solely on the big and tall, they do carry larger sizes, going up as high as 4X. Their lambskin leather jacket is a classic that comes in larger sizes and is made of New Zealand lambskin. Their price range is a little higher, coming in at around $500 for the jacket.
  4. Asos - Asos prides itself on its fashion democracy. The company understands that people, who are their audience, come in all different shapes and sizes. They stand behind promoting body positivity, which can be difficult within society, especially when it comes to what you wear. People get shamed for their size, and Asos as a company pushes that aside. Their sizes range even down to petite size but go all the way up to 6XL. They are based in London but serve the world. Their jackets also come at an affordable price tag. They have both faux and real leather jackets (so make sure you notice which one you choose!) and their real leather jackets price at around 150 pounds.
  5. T for Tall -T for Tall by Ted Baker is a London based company that caters to larger sizes. They have free standard delivery in the United Kingdom and Europe, but you can still purchase their jackets even if you are not in that area of the world. Their jackets are a little on the higher end, coming in at around 350 pounds unless you catch a sale.
  6. 2Tall -2Tall is meant for only one kind of bigger guy, which is the taller one. The company caters more to tall, slim guys, so if you are rounder, this might not be the place for you to check out. They state on their site that they are not there to only help those who are over 6 feet, but even those who may be coming up on 7 feet. The company is at its 5 year paper anniversary. They are tall people who recognized their own problem in finding clothes for their frames and created a solution.
  7. Jacamo -Jacamo is a store well known for carrying big and tall sizes. Like Asos, they carry not only sizes that are those with larger frames, but they run all the way down to small sizes for petite individuals as well. Their sizes go all the way up to either 5XL or 6XL. This UK based company is also relatively affordable price-wise, with their jackets coming in at around 115 pounds.
  8. Nordstrom- Nordstrom is a United Stated based company that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. They also have a Canadian branch and can ship around if ordered online. They began over 100 years ago, back in 1901 by John Nordstrom and Carl Wallin. They began as a shoe retailer and have expanded to include clothing, outerwear, accessories, and more throughout the past decade-plus. As of 2019, they had about 340 brick and mortar locations in addition to their online presence. Nordstrom carries various leather jackets that you can purchase through their website. They carry both big and tall sizes. The beauty of purchasing at Nordstrom is that you can cater to your search results and input XL or higher as a search size, narrowing down to only the jackets that come in larger sizes. Their price range is generally higher, with jackets coming in at lowest around $500, or $200 on sale, and going up as high as over $2,000.
Styling leather jackets

Styling your Leather Jacket

After all of your research and all of those decisions made, you finally got a leather jacket that feels like butter and fits as if it were part of you. The next question is, how do you style it? Here are some tips to help you look and feel excellent:

  1. Don’t go too big or too small - it has to be just right.If you’ve ever heard the famous story about Goldilocks in the bear’s home, you remember how it goes. First, she sits in the chair that is too big, the chair that is too big, then she sits in the one that is too small. Finally, she finds one that is just right. Your clothes are the same way, especially if you have a bigger frame. Don’t get anything too big - you’ll be swimming in it and it will give you an unshapely boxy shape. On the other side of that coin, getting anything too small will be uncomfortable and unflattering. Finding clothes that fit just right with your jacket allows them to compliment your body.
  2. Notice what you wear underneath. If you’re wearing stripes, make sure they are vertical. Avoid bulky material that won’t flatter your shape. This also includes your jeans. Make sure they are not baggy, but that they fit your body. Baggy jeans will not compliment your leather jacket at all, because the shapes and lines it creates won’t flow cohesively.
  3. If you have accessories, go big. You may or may not be the kind of guy that wears accessories. But if you do, pair them with your jacket and make sure they are big. Small accessories will get lost. But a bigger watch, a larger chain - those can work with the jacket to compliment it as well as with your body type.
  4. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Sometimes, simplicity is the best fashion of it all. Don’t be afraid to wear a white or a black t-shirt and jeans with your leather jacket. This classic look is one that will never get old.
Big and tall leather jackets

Options are there for big and tall

Many bigger and taller guys have spent their lives dealing with difficulties in finding their size when it came to what to wear. Here at Independence Brothers, we value leather and leather jackets. We think they are a true part of who you are, and an integral part of the fashion cog of the wheel of life. Being big and tall, while ti may make things a little more difficult, does not mean the story is over when it comes to owning a leather jacket that you love. There are companies that cater to the big and tall sizes, and they sell leather jackets. Then, there is the option to go custom, breathing life into the jacket as your own. Companies and options vary in price range, but there should be something out there for everyone. We’re hoping this article helps you pick what you are going to do and how to get there. Our wish is to always make the shopping for and owning a leather jacket the most fun is it can be.

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