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March 15, 2021 8 min read

by Naiyie

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The iconic black leather Moto jacket has a vibrant history behind it which gives it the distinct and archetypal flavor it carries with it. Aside from understanding the subcultural origin of this classic design, there are many other variables worth knowing about how to choose and style moto jackets. There are so many sellers, price ranges and types of leather to consider, alongside weighing up whether you should consider going custom-made. What is a black moto jacket? How to style a moto jacket? How many ways to wear a moto jacket are there? This article includes the background information you need to choose and style a Moto jacket.

Café Racer Subculture – The History & Origin of the Moto Jacket

In the immediate years of Post-World War II Britain, the nation was met by severe economic challenges, including record levels of unemployment. The following years saw a steady increase in prosperity among the British working class.

Motorbikes initially gained popularity as they were a cheaper means of transport. So, by the time the ’60s rolled around the stripped-down, minimalist ‘Café racer’ bikes transformed into a symbol of speed enthusiasm and rebellion.

The name ‘Café racer’ arose from the subculture of biker gangs that frequented central London cafés, namely, The Busy Bee Café and Ace Café in Stone Bridge. This vibrant post-war subculture spread across Europe before eventually reaching the United States.

The Café racer (also known as Ton-Up) subculture was marked not only by these low-mounted handlebar motorbikes but also by a particular style of a motorcycle jacket. The original Café racer jackets, which later became refined into the Moto jacket, was characterized by their minimalist appearance, symmetry, and signature collar.

In 1956, Schott NYC had also created their own version of the cafe racer jacket, they called it the ‘leather racing shirt’. Today, these jackets are not designed for motorbike racers, not just they wear a moto jacket, but the distilled look has become popular for casual wear.

The Difference Between the Original Café Racer & the Modern Moto Jacket

While the original cafe racer was already considerably minimalist, the modern version, known as ‘moto’ jackets offer an even more refined design. They are generally made from slightly thinner material with fewer zips and pockets. Compared to the original cafe racer, the moto jacket can be identified by its signature attractive sleekness, collar and typically has one (maybe two) chest pockets with horizontal zips.

Leather moto jacket

What Distinguished The Moto Jacket

What distinguishes the black moto jacket from other motorcycle jackets or biker jackets is its perfect two-sided symmetry, characteristic sleek appearance, and quintessential buttoned collar. This particular style of jacket blends masculinity and sophistication, its subtle versatility allows you to feel comfortable wearing it on any occasion. Many leather pieces have folds and zips which often bias toward one side, this jacket zips directly up the middle and typically has minimal pockets or extra zips. It’s simple, yet iconic. It’s casual and understated, yet, when made from high-grade materials, carries with it an air of luxury.

Moto-style: Where Can You Find One?

Schott NYC

Founded in 1913, these guys take the credit for designing the first motorcycle jackets. At the time they were selling for around $5. Schott have come a long way since then and so has the costliness of their jackets! They offer a range of Cafe racer and Moto-style jackets, in different colours, leathers and at varying price ranges.


The Café Racer

As indicated by their name, this UK based company specialize in this style of jacket. They have a range of Cafe racer and various other styles of motorcycle jackets.

PHYSICAL - The Admiral Moto

PHYSICAL - The Suede Double Rider

PHYSICAL - The Technical Bomber

Should you go custom?

While there are hundreds of great leather jackets out there, for a lot of us, jackets are not just items of clothing, they are, in some sense, an extension of our personality, our individual character.

While shops and retailers definitely have some really nice jackets, they don’t allow for you to express yourself creatively. Custom leather jackets give you the opportunity to creative it just as you want it, you don’t need to make any compromises. To wear a mot jacket just like you want to, you can choose the type of leather, the color, the size. You can choose how many pockets you want, where you want them, if you want zips or buttons, With custom-made jackets, virtually every detail is chosen by you. Furthermore, everybody has a different body type, shops and retailers base their designs based on prototypes, averaging out the dimensions and ratios based on how most other people look. Going custom allows you to tailor the jacket to fit your body, to fit you like a glove. Even if you want a classic black leather jacket that would become your wardrobe staple.

How to buy a leather jacket

How to Find the Perfect Moto-style Jacket

As with any item of clothing that costs a considerable sum, attention to detail is key to long-term satisfaction with your purchase. If you’re already a leather aficionado, you already know the importance of leather and zip quality. There’s nothing worse than spending money on a jacket that doesn’t age well or has faulty zips. So, knowing your materials is paramount to optimizing your purchase satisfaction.


Types of Leather

Full-grain Leather

This type of leather is the best and most sought-after on the market. It’s soft, breathable and ages the best out of any other leather out there. It is made from the best part of the animal hide and as a result, products made from full-grain offer the best breathability and durability. With full-grain leather, you can expect to be able to hand your black moto jacket onto younger generations. It’s really just the best choice.


Top-grain Leather

If you weren’t going to take the number one option (full-grain leather), this would be your second best choice. In fact, most people opt for this type of leather. It offers a good compromise between cost-effectiveness and durability.


Genuine Leather

To the untrained mind, the term ‘genuine leather’ can be somewhat misleading, as it sort of subtly implies that it is the most genuine and could perhaps be perceived as being better than its counterparts. Genuine leather is, as it says, real leather, but it is by no means the best quality. It is typically made from the leftovers of the more expensive, high-quality leathers mentioned above.


Corrected Leather

Being the cheapest kind of leather, it often has a very flawed appearance and needs modification before being turned into clothing. It is usually sanded down to remove imperfections and adorned in the later stages of processing to resemble leathers of a higher value.


Faux Leather

Despite being commonly referred to as ‘leather’, which some leather lovers might protest as misguiding, faux leather is not real leather. It is a synthetic look-alike and while it is rather durable, it doesn’t offer the same softness and breathability as it’s genuine counterparts.

How to style a moto jacket

There are many types of jackets and each shine in their own way and describe the personality of the person wearing them. There are tons of great leather moto jacket outfit ideas.

Today the cafe racer leather jacket offers a minimalist appearance. Due to their understated, subtle nature, they offer versatility and style for all types of occasions.

They are great casual wear and are an equally attractive choice for a night out on the town. It would be so outlandish to see someone arrive at work wearing one of these unpretentious jackets, and there’s no reason you can’t throw it over a suit on your way to and from the office.

They are a slim fit and have a tendency to emphasise thinness, making you look fit and lean. They are also not a particularly long jacket, so you would want to wear it with a shorter t-shirt that doesn’t hang out the back. You could alternatively tuck your shirt in to avoid this, and totally rock the gentlemen look.

How to Identify Good Quality Leather

The Smell

Simply put, real leather will always smell like real leather. If you’re not already familiar with the wholesome, rustic smell of good quality leather, get acquainted next time you have the opportunity! Don’t be afraid to have a good whiff of it, it’ll help you with identifying real leather in future situations.


The Label

Look for indications on the labels of the item. If you see ‘made with full-grain’ leather and it also smells like the real deal, you can probably already be confident that you’re in good hands.


Other Aspects of the Item

Seeing as good quality leather is rarely ever cheap, it’s very unlikely that the manufacturer will not go the full mile with the stitching and lining. Flaws in the stitching and lining of the article could be a sign that the product is of low quality altogether, watch out for copy-cats!


The Classic Water Test

Leather is made from animal hide, which has pores that are breathable and can absorb. If you drop a tiny bit of water on good quality leather, it should absorb it in a few seconds. When you do the same thing on fake plastic lookalikes, the water will just pool of slip right off.

Considering Independent Brothers

The manufacturing of custom leather jackets by Independent Brothers, follow all their usual golden company standards. Unlike many other manufacturers in the fashion industry, who prioritize profit and cost-effectiveness over the fair treatment of other individuals and businesses, Independent Brothers go out of their way to endorse fair trade. They exclusively source their leather from local suppliers which helps with promoting local economic growth.

Furthermore, the architectural design of their factory ensures that the workspace is naturally lit, so workers have a comfortable, positive, and safe atmosphere to carry out their craft. They only use the finest full-grain leather, well known for retaining strength, durability and breathability.

The leather tanning also takes place locally, by masters with hundreds of years of ancestral history in leather tanning craft.

The inside lining of their jackets is made from a finely fabricated blend of Cupro and Rayon, this ensures silk-like softness and cotton-like breathability. All zips on the jackets are comprised of industry quality YKK and nylon bonded thread, for durability and strength.

Custom leather jacket

Final Thoughts

The Moto jacket is a pick which carries with it a rich and interesting history. Rather than just being any old black leather jacket, it is a relic of the past, a time-capsule of a whole era. Choose any of the dozens of moto jacket outfit ideas to really rock this moto jacket design. This minimalist and quintessential jacket evolved over time, becoming ever more refined into the subtle and modest Moto style jacket. Learn how to style a moto jacket and wear a moto jacket to make heads turn.

We reviewed what distinguishes the leather moto jacket from other biker jackets and how to style a moto jacket. With the pro-tips, you should have no problems identifying the real article when you meet it to become your wardrobe staple. With your new knowledge of types of leather, you have everything you need to make a good choice. Retailers and shops are great for a quick pick-up, but if you’re the creative type and want to spend the time giving life to an article of clothing that you can keep forever, going custom is a great choice. Independent Brothers offer a quality service customizing personalized leather jackets, contact them today if you are ready to take the first step.

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